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 Add this item to the list   Cercospora rumicis Ellis & Langlois in litt.
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Remarks (internal):I found no published description of this species. It was distributed as N. Am. Fungi 2nd Ser. No. 2481, and has been listed in two publications (see Seymour, Host Index, p. 288. 1929). 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Cercospora rumicis Ellis & Langlois in litt.
Leaf spots circular, 3-7 mm. in diameter, dark olivaceous to brown, darkened somewhat by the fruiting which is amphigenous, occasionally slightly zonate; stromata lacking or only a few cells; fascicles 1-10 stalks; conidiophores medium brown, uniform in color and width, multiseptate, not branched, straight to 1-2 mildly or abruptly geniculate, medium spore scar at subtruncate tip, 4-5.5 x 20-100 µm; conidia hyaline, acicular, straight to mildly curved, indistinctly multiseptate, base truncate, tip subacute, 2-4 x 25-l50 µm.
HOST: Rumex obtusifolius L.
TYPE: St. Martinsville, Louisiana; Rumex obtusifolius; A. B. Langlois; March 15, 1889.
DISTRIBUTION: Known only from the type locality.
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