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Description:Lecythophora hoffmannii (van Beyma) W. Gams & McGinnis
Colony characteristics. Colonies (MEA) with moderate growth, flat, smooth, moist, pink to orange, with regular and sharp margin; reverse pink.
Microscopy. Hyphae narrow, hyaline, producing conidia laterally from small collarettes directly on the hyphae, or from lateral cells which are sometimes arranged in dense groups; lateral cells flask-shaped or nearly cylindrical. Collarettes unpigmented, about 1.5 µm wide. Conidia hyaline, smooth- and thin-walled, broadly ellipsoidal to cylindrical or allantoid, 3.0-3.5 x 1.5-2.5 µm, produced in slimy heads.
Physiology. Intolerant to benomyl.
Teleomorph. Coniochaeta ligniaria (Grev.) Cooke (Ascomycota, Euascomycetes, Sordariales: Coniochaetaceae).
Ascomata subspherical to pyriform, ostiolate, black, 200-350 µm in diam, setose. Asci cylindrical, 8-spored, 80-130 x 10-14 µm. Ascospores oblate, brownish-black, 11.5-17.0 x 10-12 x 7-8 µm, with a longitudinal germ slit.
Pathogenicity. BSL-1. Subcutaneous abscess (Rinaldi et al., 1982), keratitis (McGinnis, 1978b). A sinusitis in an AIDS patient was described by Marriott et al. (1997).
Reference. De Hoog (1983)., Checa et al. (1988).
Nomenclature. Sphaeria ligniaria Greville - Scott. Crypt. Fl. 1: 82, 1828 ? Coniochaeta ligniaria (Greville) Cooke - Grevillea 16: 37, 1887.
Margarinomyces hoffmannii van Beyma - Zentbl. Bakt. Parasitkde, Abt. 2, 99: 386, 1939 ? Phialophora hoffmannii (van Beyma) Schol-Schwarz - Persoonia 6: 79, 1970 ? Lecythophora hoffmannii (van Beyma) W. Gams & McGinnis - Mycologia 75: 985, 1983.
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