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Remarks (internal):The genus Conferticium which has been segregated from Gloeocystidiellum Donk is primarily characterized by the pseudoparenchymatous texture consisting of clampless-septate hyphae, and comprises three species, C. insidiosum Bourd. & Galz., C. karstenii (Bourd. & Galz.) Hallenb. and C. ochraceum (Fr.) Hallenb. (Hallenberg, 1980). According to Hallenberg (1980, 1981a), basidia of these species are produced by the intrabasidial proliferation in the old hymenium.  
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Description:CONFERTICIUM Hallenberg, Mycotaxon 11: 447, 1980.
Type species: Conferticium insidiosum Bourd. & Galz.
(? Gloeocystidium insidiosum Bourd. & Galz.)
Basidiomata resupinate, adnate, effused, ceraceous, hard-crustaceous when dry; hymenial surface pale yellow to pale ochreous, smooth or tuberculate, often cracked; margin thinning out, indeterminate. In vertical section, subhyaline, pseudoparenchymatic. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae thin- to slightly thick-walled, clampless-septate; cystidia (gloeocystidia) tubular, sinuous, thin-walled, positive in sulfobenzaldehyde re-agent; basidia clavate, without a basal clamp, producing 4 sterigmata, new ones occasionally produced by intrabasidial proliferation; basidiospores smooth or finely verrucose, thin-walled, amyloid.
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