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Remarks (internal):The genus Gloeocystidiellum is characterized by gloeocystidia and amyloid basidiospores but considerably varies in other morphological features such as texture of the basidiomata and ornamentation of the basidiospores. This genus has been recognized as a heterogeneous one by many mycologists, and the following genera have been segregated from Gloeocystidiellum: Boidinia Stalpers & Hjortstam (Hjortstam and Stalpers, 1982), Conferticium Hallenberg (Hallenberg, 1980), Megalocystidium Jülich, 1978) and Vesiculomyces Hagström (Hagström, 1977). According to Boidin and Lan­quetin (1983), Megalocystidium is a synonym of Vesiculomyces. 
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Description:GLOEOCYSTIDIELLUM Donk, Meded. Nederl. Mycol. Ver. 18-20: 156, 1931; emend. Donk, Fungus 26: 8, 1956.
Type species: Gloeocystidiellum porosum (Berk. & Curt.) Donk
(? Corticium porosum Berk. & Curt.)
Basidiomata resupinate, adnate, effused; hymenial surface smooth to warted. In vertical section, subhyaline, membranous. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae smooth, nodose- or clampless-septate; cystidia (gloeocystidia) positive in sulphobenzaldehyde; basidia narrowly clavate, producing 4 sterigmata; basidiospores warted, thin-walled, amyloid.
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