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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Fructification totally resupinate and attached to the substrate, smooth or generally papillose, to 0.3 mm thick, emerging through lenticels and other cracks in the bark, later confluent and often covering large areas on the undersides of the substrate; when fresh, waxy to carnose; margin determinate, in young specimens white, faintly byssoid; older fructifications without sterile margin; hymenium orange to bright red. Hyphae hyaline, clamped, 3-5 µm wide, in a dense, chiefly vertical texture; gloeocystidia numerous, flexuose, thin-walled, with plasmatic contents rich in drops and grains, yellow to brown; some of the gloeocystidia very long, penetrating the fructifications from the base up to the basidia, others are shorter; cystidia sometimes few, but often numerous, narrowly conical, incrusted both internally and externally, 30-60 x 7-12 2, enclosed or projecting, young cystidia thin-walled and not incrusted; basidia 30-35 5-6 µm narrowly clavate, somewhat projecting when mature; spores broadly cylindrical, hyaline, 8-10(-12) x 3.5-4.5(-5) µm; spore print light red. 
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