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Description type:General description 
Description:Duportella kuehneri (Boidin & Lanq.) Hjortstam.
Basidiome effused, membranaceous, up to 150 µm thick.
Hymenial surface even, greyish brown or vinaceous brown to purplish brown, becoming dark greyish brown, paler when dry.
Margin fibrillose, darker or pale.
Basal layer up to 80 µm wide.
Basal parallel hyphae brown, thick-walled, 2-4 µm, merged with skeletal hyphae.
Generative hyphae hyaline to brown, thin- to thick-walled, 2-4 µm.
Skeletal or skeletoid hyphae 4-4.5 µm wide.
Clamps present at all primary hyphae.
Lamprocystidia cylindrical to conical, brown, 23-50 x 5-7(-10) µm wide, often bi-rooted. Skeletocystidia developing from skeletoid hyphae, often apically encrusted, 35-40 x 3-4 µm.
Gloeocystidia (sub)cylindrical, obtuse, thin- to thick-walled, 45-60 x 7.5-13 µm, SA-.
Dendrohyphidia absent.
Basidia subclavate, 22-32 x 3.8-5 µm, with 4 sterigmata.
Spores hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, cylindrical to allantoid, 5.2-7.5 x 2-3.5 µm.
On angiosperms.
Distribution: pantropical.
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