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Description:AURISCALPIUM S. F Gray
Basidiome pileate and stipitate. Pileus hairy to glabrous, cuticulate or not. Stipe hairy to glabrous, cuticulate or not, attached to the pileus subapically from a notch on the side of the latter, or excentrally to the back of the pileus, or centrally. Hymenium covering spines on the underside of the pileus. Spines brownish in various shades, acquiring a whitish bloom from the ripe spores. Context of the pileus not zoned, soft and spongy to coriaceous, white to brown, in some species covered by a tough blackish cuticle, imperfectly dimitic and made up of generative and skeletal-like hyphae or true skeletals, or monomitic. Generative hyphae more or less thin-walled, branched, with clamp-connections at all septa. Skeletals thick-walled to almost solid, sometimes branched and apparently forming transitions to generative hyphae. Oleiferous hyphae little apparent to numerous. Context of the spines made up of generative hyphae and skeletals or generative hyphae only. Basidia clavate, 4-spored, with basal clamp-connection. Spores subglobose to ellipsoid, minutely spinulose to verrucose or smooth, colourless, white in mass, amyloid. Gloeocystidia numerous, their contents staining wine-red in sulpho-anisealdehyde or remaining unchanged.
On fallen pine-cones, wood, gramineous root-stocks or among moss.
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