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 Add this item to the list   T. anthocephala Fr. Fig. 11 (f. g.), 18-20.
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Description:T. anthocephala Fr. Fig. 11 (f. g.), 18-20.
Fruit-bodies -6 cm. high, gregarious, mesopodal, rarely pleuropodal, with peripheral radiating oblique flattened, spathulate or cuneate, branches, occasionally subinfundibuliform with the branches united at the base, proliferating from the centre, ferruginous to fuscous ferruginous or purplish, drying paler, the growing edges white; stem 5-27 x 1-4 mm., rarely none, subtomentose; branches multifid, dichotomous or simple, subtomentose on the upperside, 5-15 mm. wide, sometimes fimbriate or incised; hymenium inferior, smooth, darker brown or greyish violet; flesh thin, coriaceous, brownish; smell inparticular or none.
On the ground in woods, especially of Fagus and Quercus, also coniferous; North Temperate.
Sp. (7-)8-10(-11) x (5-)6-8.5 µm, purplish umber, angular lobate, spines 0.5-1.5(-2) µm long, 1-guttate. Basidia 40-80 x 7-11 µm; sterigmata 2-4, 5-7 µm long. Hymenium thickening; cystidia none. Hyphae 2-6/4 wide, clamped, secondarily septate in the older tissue, the walls distinctly thickened. Subhymenium cyanescent in potash or not, the trama not cyanescent.

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