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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Punctularia Patouillard in Patouillard & Lagerheim, Bull. Herb. Boissier 3:57. 1895.
= Phaeophlebia W.B. Cooke, Mycologia 48:401. 1956.
Type species: corticium tuberculosum Patouillard = Thelephora atropurpurascens Berkeley & Broome
Basidiomata annual; resupinate to effuso-reflexed, seldom wholly sessile; coriaceous-ceraceous. Upper surface matted-tomentose to strigose-hirsute; brownish gray. Hymenial surface even when young, becoming radially folded and/or tuberculate; gray, brown, violaceous to black, sometimes with red, yellow or orange tints at margin. Cutis present or absent. Hyphal system monomitic. Hyphae with clamps. Dendrohyphidia present; thin-walled. Basidia subcylindrical to subclavate; 4-sterigmate; basal clamp present. Basidiospores ellipsoid; hyaline to pale yellow; smooth; thin-walled; negative in Melzer's.
Discussion: Only one species of Punctularia is known from the Northeast, namely Punctularia strigoso-zonata.
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