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Description:Gloeopeniophorella rubroflava Rick, Brotéria (Lisboa) Sér. trimest. Cienc. at. 30:47, 1934.
Gloeocystidiellum rubroflavum (Rick) Hjortstam, Windahlia 23:2, 1998.
Lectotype: Brazil, S. Leopoldo, 1932, Fungi Rickiani 13485 (PACA), designated by Rick in Rambo (1959).
Basidiome resupinate, effused, adnate, somewhat membranaceous. Hymenophore more or less smooth or with protruding cystidia, ochraceous or sometimes with a pale rose tint. Hyphal system seemingly monomitic; hyphae hyaline, thinwalled or more commonly with a slight wall thickening, up to 4(-5) µm wide, without clamp-connections. Metuloids numerous, hyaline, moderately thickwalled, generally up to 30-50 µm long, non-dextrinoid. Gloeocystidia few, sinuose, thin-walled, up to 150 µm long and about 10-12 µm wide in the middle part, apparently without positive sulphovanillin reaction. Basidia narrowly clavate, about 20-35 x 4.5-5 µm, with four sterigmata, without a basal clamp-connection. Spores narrowly ellipsoid, rugose, 4-5.5(-6) x 3.5-4.5 µm, distinctly amyloid.
Specimens:Estado Bolivar, Parque Nacional Canaima, Gran Sabana, Carretera Paraupa, Kavanayan, 17. XI, 1994, L. Ryvarden 35243; Estado Bolivar, Las Nieves, 12.VI.1995, L. Ryvarden 37590; Estado Bolivar, Parque Nacional Canaima, Gran Sabana, 11.VI.2003, L. Ryvarden 45552.
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