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Remarks (internal):Gloeocystidiopsis cryptacantha is imperfectly known, but presumably with a neotropical distribution.
There are at least three species that seem to be extremely similar if not the same to G. cryptacantha viz. Gloeocystidiellum triste Hjortstam & Ryvarden (described from Argentina), Gloeocystidiellum fimbriatum Burds. et al. (from USA, Florida), and Gloeocystidiopsis salmonea (Burt) Boidin et al. (from West Indies, Grenada). Microscopically all have almost the same details such as gloeocystidia (though with different sulphovanillin reaction), hyphae and spores,
For infomation about relationship to other genera/species see E. Larsson and K.H. Larsson (2003)
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Description:Gloeocystidiopsis cryptacantha (Pat.) E. Larss. & K.H. Larss., Mycologia 95:1062, 2003.
Specimens: 37650, 40630.
Basidiome almost gelatinous, ochraceous, subhymenial hyphae thin-walled, 2.5-3 µm wide, other hyphae slightly broader, irregular, all hyphae without clamp connections, gloeocystidia large, up to 150-200 µm long and 8-10 µm wide, sulphovanillin reaction weak or at the base strongly bluish, basidia 15-20 x 4 µm, with four sterigmata, spores ornamentated and strongly amyloid, including verrucae normally 4.5-5.5 x (3.25-)3.5-4 µm, warts visible in KOH.

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