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Description type:Pathology 
Description:Pathogenicity. BSL-2. The species causes allergic or invasive bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (Moore et al., 1988). About 10% of cases of aspergillosis may be ascribed to this species (Iwen et al., 1998). Nosocomial infections have been reported (Flynn et al., 1993). It is regularly implicated in a wide variety of infections in humans, such as cutaneous, ophthalmic (Das et al., 1993), hepatic (Trachana et al., 2001), pulmonary and disseminated infections (Waller et al., 1991b). Colonization in CF patients also occurs (Cimon et al., 2003). Keratitis was reported by Singh et al. (1990b), arthritis by Steinfeld et al. (1997), spondylodiscitis by Penn et al. (1998) and suppurative otitis by Tiwari et al. (1995). It has also been reported from other vertebrates, such as pigeons (Pal, 1992; Tritz & Woods, 1993), parrots (Lagneau & Houtain, 2001) and dogs (Kelly et al., 1995; Berry & Leisewitz, 1996).
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