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 Add this item to the list   Scotoderma Jülich, gen. nov.
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Description:Scotoderma Jülich, gen. nov.
Fruit body resupinate, membranaceous, smooth, with distinct subiculum. Hyphae yellowish brown, clamped, about 2.5-5 µm in diam., not inflated. Basidia large, cylindrical to subclavate, somewhat stalked, about 100 µm long, 4-spored, yellowish, with clamps. Spores large, c. 15 µm long, ellipsoid, yellowish, slightly roughened, somewhat thick-walled (0.40.8 µm), non-amyloid, non-cyanophilous.
Type species: Corticium viride Berk. 1855.
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