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 Add this item to the list   CHAETOMIUM Kunze: Fr.
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Remarks (internal):Species with straight, setose hairs are placed in Farrowia D. Hawksworth; in Achaetomium Rai, Tewari & Mukerji the ascospores are dark brown and opaque, the ascomal wall is thicker, and the hairs are short and inconspicuous. 
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Description:CHAETOMIUM Kunze: Fr.
Ascoma an ostiolate perithecium, superficial, single to gregarious, globose, subglobose, elongated obpyriform, or vase-shaped, brown, clothed with hairs of various shapes; hairs brown, straight, flexuous, simple or dichotomously branched, coiled or arcuate, thick- or thin-walled, septate or aseptate, smooth or variously roughened. Ascomal wall translucent, membranaceous, pseudoparenchymatous or prosenchymatous. Paraphyses present or lacking. Asci clavate, linear to cylindrical, stalked, 4-8-spored, with evanescent walls. Ascospores 1-celled, light olive-brown to dark brown, with germ pore at one or both ends, often limoniform and apiculate, but also unbonate, almond-shaped, globose to subglobose, cymbiform or triangular, smooth, often pushed out of ostiole in a cirrhus.
Anamorphs: Acremonium-like, Botryotrichum, Scytalidium, and Sporothrix-like.
Habitat: Common on cellulosic substrates, also on seeds and in soil and dung.
Representative species: Chaetomium globosum Kunze : Fr., common on a wide range of substrates.
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