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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Cultural description (PS-mycelium of Wu 9209-13):
1 wk growth: Colony radius 12-17 mm. Advancing zone fairly even. Mats whitish. Aerial mycelium almost absent. 2 wk growth: Colony radius 33-43 mm. Advancing zone even. Mats white. Aerial mycelium almost absent. 3 wk growth: Colony radius 53-65 mm. Advancing zone even. Mats white, sparse. Aerial mycelium absent. 4 wk growth: Plates partly covered. 6 wk growth: Mats white. Aerial mycelium absent. Hyphal system monomitic. Hyphae mostly simple-septate, rarely with single clamped to multiclamped septa in wide hyphae, distinct, moderately ramified, 1.5-4 µm diam, thinwalled. Cubical crystals present. No distinct odor. Not fruiting.
Oxidase reactions:
Syringaldazine (+), 1-Naphthol (+), L-tyrosine (-), p-Cresol (-). TAA: ++++, tr; 13. GAA: ++++, 0; 0. TYA: -, 25; 45.
Species code:
2a, 5, 7, 32, 36, 38, 44-45, 54, (57), 66.
Sexuality: Presumed homothallic.
Cytology: Spores binucleate, MS-mycelium multinucleate, PS-mycelium multinucleate. Nuclear behavior: Holocoenocytic.
Taxon name: