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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Gloeodontia Boidin, Cahiers Maboké 4: 22. 1966. emend.
Basidiocarps effused, adherent, hydnaceous, subiculum well developed; teeth cylindrical to conic, often fimbriate at apex. Hyphal system monomitic or dimitic; generative hyphae much branched, clamped, thin-walled or with slight wall thickening; skeletal hyphae rarely branched, aseptate or septa rare, lacking clamps, thick-walled; pseudocystidia arising in tooth trama, cylindrical, heavily encrusted with hyaline crystals; gloeocystidia scattered in tooth trama, frequent in hymenium, blue to blue-black in sulfuric benzaldehyde; holobasidia present; basidiospores white in mass, hyaline to pale yellow under the microscope, wall noticeably thickened, surface granulose, amyloid.
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