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Description:Xylobolus Karst. - Medd. Soc. Fauna Fl. Fenn. 6:11, 1881.
This is a satellite genus to Stereum and above all resembling the subgenus Acanthostereum introduced by Boidin et. al. 1979 (Persoonia 10:320). The type of Xylobolus is, however, separated from .Stereum by its vertically arranged hyphae and by the pseudocystidia (or oleiferous hyphae) turning greyish black in sulphovanillin. It has also an intense white pocket rot of a type unknown in Stereum. Other characters matches the concept of Stereum e.g. simple septate hyphae, occurence of acanthocystidia, and smooth, amyloid spores.
Another species which long has been a member of the genus is X. subpileatus (Berk. & Curt.) Boid. This species has horizontally arranged hyphae, like in Stereum, that bend vertically into the subhymenium and appear as pseudocystidia. These cystidia seem to lack the positive reaction in sulphovanillin. In our opinion this species fits better in Stereum. One species in North Europe.
Type species: Thelephora frustulata Pers.:Fr., selected (compare Donk in Taxon 6:123, 1957).
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