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Remarks (public):Punctularia was by Talbot provisionally placed in Thelephoraceae, subfam. Merulioideae. He was well aware of the uncertainty and artificiality of the arrangement. The genus shows great resemblances to Laeticorticium, esp. in the presence of dendrohyphidia, nature of basidia and shape of spores. Also the nature of the hyphae is essentially the same. The difference remaining is the pigmentation of the dendrohyphidia, the subgelatinous consistency of the hymenial layer and the ability to form reflexed pilei of Punctularia. We leave the genera separate but consider it possible to include Laeticorticium as a subgenus in Punctularia. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Punctularia Pat. & Lagerh., Bull. Herb. Boiss. 3 p. 57, 1895; Talbot, Bothalia 7:1 p. 140 and 164, 1958. - Phaeophlebia W. Br. Cooke, Mycologia 48:3 p. 401, 1956.
Fruitbody resupinate, reflexed or dimidiate; hymenium subgelatinous, composed of hemisphaerical nodules or elongate, radial ridges; upper-side of reflexed parts zonate; margin determined, narrow, finely fimbriate or velutinous; hyphal system monomitic, hymenial hyphae thin-walled, richly branched, trama hyphae mainly parallel and horizontal, with more or less thickened walls, swelling in KOH, all hyphae with clamps; dendrohyphidia present, hyaline at first, then yellow or dark-coloured; conidia often present; basidia elongate, flexuose, with 4 sterigmata and basal clamp; spores ellipsoid, hyaline-yellow.
Type species: Corticium tuberculosum Pat.
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