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Remarks (public):Aleurobotrys is a monotypic genus segregated from Aleurodiscus for species with sulfocystidia, ornamented basidiospores and amyloid vegetative structures called botryophyses (acanthophyses with short and obuse dichotomous branches). The phylogenetic analysis by Larsson & Larsson (2003), confirm Aleurobotrys botryosus as distinct from Aleurodiscus, and it may be related to Gloeomyces but no further conclusions about relationships can be drawn. Wu et al. (2001) found that A. botryosus is close to Aleurodiscus cerussatus, and they concluded that the phylogenetic importance of the amyloid reaction of the botryophyses is doubtful. 
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Description:Basidiome resupinate, thin, hymenophore smooth. Hyphal system monomitic, generative hyphae with simple septa. Gloeocystidia present. Acanthophyses with short amyloid branches (botryophyses). Basidiospores ornamented, amyloid.

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