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Description:Conferticium ravum (Burt) Ginns & G.W. Freeman, Biblthca Mycol. 157: 31, 1994.
Bas.: Corticium ravum Burt, Ann. Mo. bot. Gdn 13(3): 251, 1926. Syn.: Gloeocystidium karstenii Bourdot & Galzin, Hyménomyc. de France (Sceaux): 254, 1928.
Basidiome resupinate, adnate, effused, hymenial surface smooth to pruinose, yellowish to isabelline, margin indifferentiated. Hyphal system monomitic, with simple septa, 2-3 µm in diam, smooth, thin- to slightly thick-walled. Gloeocystidia, numerous, tubular, often with an apical appendix, 30-60 x 6-15 µm, without a basal clamp, smooth, thin- to thick-walled, sometimes slightly projecting beyond the hymenial surface. Basidia narrowly clavate, 20-30 x 4-6 µm, 4-spored, without a basal clamp. Basidiospores ellipsoid to ovoid, 6-7 x 4-4.5 µm, finely verrucose but difficult to see at ligth microscope appearing smooth, thin-walled, strongly amyloid, frequently collapsed.
Distribution in Europe: Poland, Estonia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, and the Caucasus. Rare species in Europe, present only in few countries, recorded in Italy from Sardegna.
Substrata: on Populus.
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