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Remarks (public):Gloeopeniophorella is characterized among the Gloeocystidiellum s.l. by the presence of lamprocystidia. It belongs to the Russulaceae, closely related to Boidinia (Larsson 2007b). 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Gloeopeniophorella Rick, Brotéria, sér. Ci. Nat. 3: 47, 173, 1934.
Type species: Gloeopeniophorella rubroflava Rick [as 'rubro-flava'], Brotéria, sér. Ci. Nat. 3: 47, 1934.
Basidiome resupinate, effused, adnate. Hymenophore almost smooth to slightly tuberculate, usually ochraceous. Hyphal system monomitic, hyphae hyaline, thin-walled or with a slight thickened wall, simple-septate. Cystidia of two kind: 1) lamprocystidia numerous, hyaline, moderately thick-walled, without dextrinoid reaction, 2) gloeocystidia few to numerous, thin-walled, with or without positive sulphovanillin reaction. Basidia narrowly clavate, with 4-sterigmata, without a basal clamp-connection. Basidiospores more or less ellipsoid, distinctly rugose in Melzer's reagent, seemingly smooth in KOH, amyloid.

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