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Description:ECHINODONTIUM ELL. & EVERH. Torrey Bot. Club Bull. 27: 49. 1900. Hydnofomes P. HENN., Bot. Jb. 28: 259. 1901. Hydnophysa CLEMENTS, Genera of Fungi, p. 108. 1909. Basidiocarps perennial, sessile, ungulate to conchate, or effusedreflexed to entirely resupinate; context woody to leathery, brick red, olivaceous, or cream-colored; hymenophore distinctly toothed to warted, sometimes almost smooth; inner tissue of teeth continuous with context; hyphae nodose-septate with secondary simple septa, thin-walled to solid; cystidia becoming thick-walled, dark red to hyaline, upper portion heavily incrusted, clavate to fusiform; basidia clavate, 4-sterigmate; spores hyaline, strongly amyloid in Melzer's reagent, thick-walled, globose to ellipsoid, smooth to echinulate, 5-8 µm long.
Type species. Echinodontium tinctorium (ELL. & EVERH.) ELL. & EVERH.
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