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Description:Xylobolus P. Karst., Meddn Soc. Fauna Flora fenn. 6: 11, 1881.
Syn.: Acanthophysium (Pilát) G. Cunn., Bull. N.Z. Dept. Sci. Industr. Res., Pl. Dis. Div. 145: 150, 1963.
Type species: Thelephora frustulata Pers., Syn. meth. fung. (Göttingen) 2: 577, 1801.
Basidiome annual or typically perennial, resupinate, effused or effuse-reflexed, coriaceous. Abhymenial surface tomentose, often concentrically zoned. Hymenophore smooth to tuberculate, pale coloured, often cracked. Hyphal system monomitic, but in some species seemingly dimitic; generative hyphae with simple septa, vertically arranged, thin- to thick-walled, hyaline to pale yellowish or brown. Pseudocystidia and acanthocystidia present. Cystidiols often present. Basidia clavate to cylindrical, with 4-sterigmata and with a simple basal septum. Basidiospores smooth, ellipsoid to cylindrical, thin-walled, amyloid.

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