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 Add this item to the list   Cercospora fuchsiae Chupp & Muller
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Description:Cercospora fuchsiae Chupp & Muller
Bol. Soc. Venez. Cien. Nat. 8 (52): 45. 1942
Leaf spots circular to angular, 2-8 mm. in diameter, pale to medium dark brown, the older spots with a pale center or with concentric rings and a dark line margin; fruiting chiefly epiphyllous; stromata a few cells to 30 µm in diameter, dark brown; fascicles 3-20 diverging stalks; conidiophores pale to medium dark brown, paler and sometimes more narrow toward the tip, plainly multiseptate, slightly branched, 0-2 geniculate or undulate, straight to curved, medium spore scar at the subtruncate tip, 4-5.5 x 30-130 µm; conidia hyaline, acicular to obclavate, straight to mildly curved, indistinctly multiseptate, base truncate to long obconically truncate, tip subacute to subobtuse, 2-3.5 x 20-75 µm.
HOST: Fuchsia sp., F. integrifolia Cambess.
TYPE: El Valle, Caracas, Venezuela; Fuchsia sp.; A. S. Muller, No. 3540; Oct. 18, 1939.
DISTRIBUTION: Guatemala, Venezuela and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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