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General information

 Summary:Isaria Pers., Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 121 (1794) [MB#8636] 
 Synonymy:=Ramaria Holmsk., Skr. Vidensk.-Selsk. Christiana Math.-Nat. Kl.: 299-301 (1781) [MB#18445] 
 MycoBank #:8636 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers.
 Page #:121
 Year of publication:1794
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Remarks:Typus conservandum. Greuter et al. (1993)r selected Isaria agaricina Pers. (one of the two original species; von Arx, de Hoog selected Isaria felina in order to prevent Paecilomyces from becoming a synonym of Isaria. Hodge et al. followed Clements & Shear (1931, at that time invalid) and proposed I. farinosa farinosa 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM3:270 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Isaria abietina, Isaria abutii, Isaria acaricida, Isaria acervata, Isaria acicularis, Isaria acuta, Isaria agaricina, Isaria aggregata, Isaria alba, Isaria albida, Isaria albiziae, Isaria alborosea, Isaria ambigua, Isaria americana, Isaria amoene-rosea, Isaria amorpha, Isaria anisopliae, Isaria arachnicida, Isaria arachnophila, Isaria aranearum, Isaria araneosa, Isaria arborea, Isaria arbuscula, Isaria arbuscula, Isaria arcyrioides, Isaria argentina, Isaria asamaensis, Isaria aspergilliformis, Isaria atypicola, Isaria aurantiaca, Isaria aviaria, Isaria barberi, Isaria basili, Isaria bialowieziensis, Isaria bicolor, Isaria brachiata, Isaria brevis, Isaria briardii, Isaria briquettii, Isaria bulbosa, Isaria buntingii, Isaria buquetii, Isaria byssoidea, Isaria calva, Isaria calva, Isaria candida, Isaria capitata, Isaria carnea, Isaria cateniannulata, Isaria cateniobliqua, Isaria ceratoides, Isaria chrysopoda, Isaria cicadae, Isaria cinnabarina, Isaria citrina, Isaria citrinula, Isaria cladogena, Isaria clavata, Isaria clonostachoides, Isaria cocoa, Isaria coleopterora, Isaria coleopterorum, Isaria congesta, Isaria congesta, Isaria congregata, Isaria corallina, Isaria coralloidea, Isaria cornea, Isaria cosmopsaltriae, Isaria crassa, Isaria cretacea, Isaria cretacia, Isaria crinita, Isaria cryptotympanae, Isaria cuneispora, Isaria dedawensis, Isaria dendroidea, Isaria densa, Isaria destructor, Isaria dubia, Isaria dussii, Isaria edessicola, Isaria edwalliana, Isaria elata, Isaria elegans, Isaria elegantula, Isaria eleutheratorum, Isaria empetri, Isaria epiphylla, Isaria episphaeria, Isaria episphaerica, Isaria erastalidis, Isaria eriopoda, Isaria eristalidis, Isaria exigua, Isaria exoleta, Isaria farinosa, Isaria fasciculata, Isaria felina, Isaria filamentosa, Isaria filiformis, Isaria fimicola, Isaria flabelliformis, Isaria flavoviridis, Isaria floccosa, Isaria floccosa, Isaria friesii, Isaria froggattii, Isaria fruticosa, Isaria fuciformis, Isaria fulvipes, Isaria fumosorosea, Isaria funicularis, Isaria furcata, Isaria furcellata, Isaria fusca, Isaria geophila, Isaria ghanensis, Isaria gigantea, Isaria glauca, Isaria glaucocephala, Isaria globosa, Isaria gossypina, Isaria gracilioides, Isaria gracilis, Isaria gracilis, Isaria graminiperda, Isaria grassa, Isaria guignardii, Isaria hariotii, Isaria holmbergii, Isaria hydnoides, Isaria hypoxyli, Isaria hystricina, Isaria intricata, Isaria japonica, Isaria javanica, Isaria kogane, Isaria kunitatiensis, Isaria lanuginosa, Isaria lecaniicola, Isaria leprosa, Isaria locusticola, Isaria lutea, Isaria macroscyticola, Isaria melanopus, Isaria meliolae, Isaria micromegala, Isaria microscopica, Isaria mitruliformis, Isaria mokanshawii, Isaria monilioides, Isaria moriokaensis, Isaria mucida, Isaria mucida, Isaria murina, Isaria musasiensis, Isaria muscigena, Isaria mycelioides, Isaria myrmicidae, Isaria nigra, Isaria nigripes, Isaria nipponica, Isaria ochracea, Isaria odora, Isaria oncopterae, Isaria oncotympanae, Isaria orthopterorum, Isaria ovi, Isaria pachylomerica, Isaria palmae, Isaria palmatifida, Isaria patrobus, Isaria pattersonii, Isaria peckoltii, Isaria penicilliformis, Isaria perexigua, Isaria perpusilla, Isaria phalangiophila, Isaria pistillariaeformis, Isaria pistillariiformis, Isaria plumosa, Isaria poprawskii, Isaria psychidae, Isaria puberula, Isaria pulcherrima, Isaria radians, Isaria radiata, Isaria ramosissima, Isaria repens, Isaria rhodosperma, Isaria rosea, Isaria saccharina, Isaria saussurei, Isaria schweinitzii, Isaria shiotae, Isaria sinclairii, Isaria smilanensis, Isaria sphaecophila, Isaria sphaerocephala, Isaria sphecophila, Isaria sphingophila, Isaria sphingum, Isaria spiculosa, Isaria splendens, Isaria spumarioides, Isaria stellata, Isaria stemonitis, Isaria stenobothri, Isaria stenocoli, Isaria stenocori, Isaria stilbiformis, Isaria straminipes, Isaria strigosa, Isaria subsimplex, Isaria subsp. aviaria, Isaria subsp. filiformis, Isaria subsp. suina, Isaria suffruticosa, Isaria suina, Isaria sulfurea, Isaria sulphurea, Isaria surinamensis, Isaria surmatodes, Isaria takamizusanensis, Isaria tartarea, Isaria tax, Isaria tenella, Isaria tenuipes, Isaria tenuis, Isaria terrestris, Isaria thelephoroides, Isaria thyrosoidea, Isaria thyrsoidea, Isaria tinearum, Isaria tomentella, Isaria tremellosa, Isaria truncata, Isaria truncata, Isaria umbrina, Isaria valsicola, Isaria vassiljevae, Isaria velutipes, Isaria verticillata, Isaria vexans, Isaria virescens, Isaria virginiensis, Isaria xylariaformis, Isaria xylariiformis, Isaria yokohamensis
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