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General information

 Summary:Microsphaera Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 381 (1851) [MB#3191] 
 Synonymy:≡Calocladia Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 154 (1851) [MB#744]
≡Erysiphe sect. Microsphaera (Lév.) U. Braun & Shishkoff, Schlechtendalia 4: 4 (2000) [MB#700699]
=Erysiphe R. Hedw. ex DC., Flore française 2: 272 (1805) [MB#1898]
=Erysibe Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 211 (1833) [MB#16126]
=Uncinula Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 151 (1851) [MB#5671]
=Tigria Trevis., Spighe e Paglie: 22 (1853) [MB#5480]
=Erysiphella Peck, Annual Report on the New York State Museum of Natural History 28: 63 (1876) [MB#1899]
=Uncinulella Hara (1936) [MB#5788]
=Orthochaeta Sawada, Report of the Department of Agriculture Government Research Institute of Formosa 85: 22 (1943) [MB#3640]
=Linkomyces Golovin, Sborn. rabot. Inst. Prikl. zool. fitopatol.: 127 (1958) [MB#2880]
=Ischnochaeta Sawada (1959) [MB#2509]
=Salmonomyces Chidd., Sydowia 13 (1-6): 55 (1959) [MB#4832]
=Medusosphaera Golovin & Gamalizk., Chung-kuo Ti Chen-chun [Fungi of China]: 91 (1962) [MB#3039]
=Bulbouncinula R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, Acta microbiol. sin.: 376 (1979) [MB#681]
=Uncinuliella R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, Acta microbiol. sin.: 283 (1979) [MB#5672]
=Furcouncinula Z.X. Chen, Acta Mycologica Sinica 1 (1): 10 (1982) [MB#2021]
=Setoerysiphe Y. Nomura, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan: 163 (1984) [MB#25667]
=Bulbomicrosphaera A.Q. Wang, Acta Mycol. Sin.: 74 (1987) [MB#25159]
 MycoBank #:3191 
 Authors (abbreviated):Lév.
 Page #:381
 Journal or book:Léveillé 1851, Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. 15: 381 
 Year of publication:1851
 Name type:Nomen novum 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Microsphaera mougeotii, Microsphaera grossulariae, Microsphaera astragali, Microsphaera berberidis, Microsphaera alni, Microsphaera alphitoides, Microsphaera divaricata, Microsphaera euonymi, Microsphaera tortilis, Microsphaera penicillata, Microsphaera ornata, Microsphaera viburni, Microsphaera hedwigii, Microsphaera orixae, Microsphaera itoana, Microsphaera paederiae, Microsphaera phyllanthi, Microsphaera wallrothii, Microsphaera izuensis, Microsphaera mayumi, Microsphaera subtrichotoma, Microsphaera hedysari, Microsphaera meliosmae, Microsphaera thermopsidis, Microsphaera dipeltae, Microsphaera erlangshanensis, Microsphaera magnifica, Microsphaera miurae, Microsphaera neglecta, Microsphaera neomexicana, Microsphaera pusilla, Microsphaera clethrae, Microsphaera crispula, Microsphaera hommae, Microsphaera juglandis-nigrae, Microsphaera katumotoi, Microsphaera peckii, Microsphaera sydowiana, Microsphaera syringae-japonicae, Microsphaera americana, Microsphaera azaleae, Microsphaera caprifoliacearum, Microsphaera caryae, Microsphaera ellisii, Microsphaera fraxini, Microsphaera nomurae, Microsphaera multappendicis, Microsphaera sichuanica, Microsphaera aristolochiae, Microsphaera celastri, Microsphaera hyperici, Microsphaera rhamnicola, Microsphaera sinomenii, Microsphaera symploci, Microsphaera verruculosa, Microsphaera swainsonae, Microsphaera miyabeana, Microsphaera rosae, Microsphaera dimorpha, Microsphaera betulae, Microsphaera polygoni, Microsphaera vanbruntiana, Microsphaera ludens, Microsphaera aceris, Microsphaera miranda, Microsphaera indigoferae, Microsphaera indica, Microsphaera cotini, Microsphaera tiliae, Microsphaera himalayensis, Microsphaera bulbosa, Microsphaera indigoferae, Microsphaera ceanothi, Microsphaera russellii, Microsphaera sambucicola, Microsphaera baeumleri, Microsphaera friesii, Microsphaera sparsa, Microsphaera viburni, Microsphaera diffusa, Microsphaera coluteae, Microsphaera syringae, Microsphaera acaciae, Microsphaera magnusii, Microsphaera palczewskii, Microsphaera rhododendri, Microsphaera polonica, Microsphaera hypophylla, Microsphaera juglandis, Microsphaera golovinii, Microsphaera begoniae, Microsphaera euonymi-japonici, Microsphaera blumeri, Microsphaera chouardii, Microsphaera variabilis, Microsphaera prasadii, Microsphaera cinnamomi, Microsphaera alhagi, Microsphaera oehrensii, Microsphaera ovidiae, Microsphaera ribicola, Microsphaera shinanoensis, Microsphaera flacourtiae, Microsphaera sinensis, Microsphaera sequinii, Microsphaera trifolii, Microsphaera sedi, Microsphaera pseudacaciae, Microsphaera ulmi, Microsphaera discariae, Microsphaera exochordae, Microsphaera lianyungangensis, Microsphaera lonicerae, Microsphaera hypericacearum, Microsphaera thaxteri, Microsphaera coriariae, Microsphaera weigelae, Microsphaera digitata, Microsphaera lonicerae-ramosissimae, Microsphaera quercina, Microsphaera ehrenbergii, Microsphaera dubyi, Microsphaera euphorbiae, Microsphaera securinegae, Microsphaera marchica, Microsphaera myoschili, Microsphaera betae, Microsphaera bornmuelleriana, Microsphaera extensa, Microsphaera fulvofulcra, Microsphaera guarinonii, Microsphaera abbreviata, Microsphaera symphoricarpi, Microsphaera caraganae, Microsphaera pulchra, Microsphaera euonymi-japonici, Microsphaera lycii, Microsphaera benzoin, Microsphaera abeliae, Microsphaera cladrastidis, Microsphaera coryli, Microsphaera lathyri, Microsphaera rubi, Microsphaera berberidicola, Microsphaera caulicola, Microsphaera robiniae, Microsphaera akebiae, Microsphaera berchemiae, Microsphaera helwingiae, Microsphaera magnoliae, Microsphaera picrasmae, Microsphaera querci, Microsphaera schizandrae, Microsphaera staphyleae, Microsphaera deutziae, Microsphaera gorlenkoi, Microsphaera longissima, Microsphaera myzodendri, Microsphaera tarnavschii, Microsphaera atraphaxis, Microsphaera cocculi, Microsphaera favargeri, Microsphaera rayssiae, Microsphaera seravschanica, Microsphaera jaczewskii, Microsphaera blasti, Microsphaera decaisoreae, Microsphaera pseudolonicerae, Microsphaera semitosta, Microsphaera ilicis, Microsphaera viburni-opuli, Microsphaera densissima, Microsphaera erineophila, Microsphaera elevata, Microsphaera ravenelii, Microsphaera sophorae, Microsphaera menispermi, Microsphaera japonica, Microsphaera ferruginea, Microsphaera umbilici, Microsphaera densissima, Microsphaera calocladophora, Microsphaera platani, Microsphaera nemopanthi, Microsphaera holosericea, Microsphaera comata, Microsphaera bresadolae, Microsphaera vaccinii, Microsphaera ligustri, Microsphaera yamadae, Microsphaera dentatae, Microsphaera ligustri, Microsphaera coryli, Microsphaera europaea, Microsphaera atraphaxidis, Microsphaera benzoinis, Microsphaera nemopanthis, Microsphaera pseudoacaciae, Microsphaera rhmnicola, Microsphaera swainsoniae, Microsphaera yamadai, Microsphaera vaccinii, Microsphaera syringae, Microsphaera viciae-unijugae, Microsphaera quercus, Microsphaera martii, Microsphaera decaisneae, Microsphaera fulvo-fulcra, Microsphaera bäumleri, Microsphaera euonymi-japonici, Microsphaera euonymi-japonici, Microsphaera silvatica, Microsphaera euonymi var. euonymi, Microsphaera euonymi var. borealis
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 Type of organism:? 



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