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 Add this item to the list   Stachybotrys

General information

 Summary :Stachybotrys Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 1: 21 (1837) [MB#10052] 
 Synonymy :=Gliobotrys Höhn., Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften Math.-naturw. Klasse Abt. I 111: 1048 (1902) [MB#8338]
=Hyalobotrys Pidopl., Mykrobiologichnyi Zhurnal Kiev 9 (2-3): 55 (1948) [MB#8569]
=Hyalostachybotrys Sriniv., J. Indian bot. Soc.: 340 (1958) [MB#8583]
 MycoBank # :10052 
 Epithet :Stachybotrys
 Rank :
 Authors :Corda
 Authors (abbreviated) :Corda
 Literature :
 Page # :21
 Year of publication :1837
 Gender :Masculine

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name :
 Classification :
97 Associated records (click to hide):
Stachybotrys atra, Stachybotrys chartarum, Stachybotrys bisbyi, Stachybotrys aurantia, Stachybotrys cylindrospora, Stachybotrys dichroa, Stachybotrys kampalensis, Stachybotrys microspora, Stachybotrys nephrospora, Stachybotrys parvispora, Stachybotrys sacchari, Stachybotrys elegans, Stachybotrys lobulata, Stachybotrys alternans, Stachybotrys oenanthes, Stachybotrys albipes, Stachybotrys socia, Stachybotrys longispora, Stachybotrys nilagirica, Stachybotrys setosa, Stachybotrys ruwenzoriensis, Stachybotrys verrucispora, Stachybotrys globosa, Stachybotrys mangiferae, Stachybotrys sphaerospora, Stachybotrys guttulispora, Stachybotrys pulchra, Stachybotrys queenslandica, Stachybotrys ramosa, Stachybotrys breviuscula, Stachybotrys freycinetiae, Stachybotrys nephrodes, Stachybotrys havanensis, Stachybotrys xanthosomae, Stachybotrys subsimplex, Stachybotrys elata, Stachybotrys dakotensis, Stachybotrys echinata, Stachybotrys zeae, Stachybotrys lunzinensis, Stachybotrys theobromae, Stachybotrys cannae, Stachybotrys humilis, Stachybotrys virgata, Stachybotrys indica, Stachybotrys palmijunci, Stachybotrys parva, Stachybotrys renispora, Stachybotrys sansevieriae, Stachybotrys sinuatophora, Stachybotrys bambusicola, Stachybotrys clitoriae, Stachybotrys reniformis, Stachybotrys stilboidea, Stachybotrys ramosa, Stachybotrys renisporoides, Stachybotrys proliferata, Stachybotrys zuckii, Stachybotrys yunnanensis, Stachybotrys kapiti, Stachybotrys reniverrucosa, Stachybotrys waitakere, Stachybotrys elongata, Stachybotrys scabra, Stachybotrys gracilis, Stachybotrys asperula, Stachybotrys verrucosa, Stachybotrys voglinii, Stachybotrys crassa, Stachybotrys elasticae, Stachybotrys atrogrisea, Stachybotrys klebahni, Stachybotrys papyrogena, Stachybotrys pallida, Stachybotrys pulcra, Stachybotrys chlorohalonata, Stachybotrys breviusculus, Stachybotrys lunzinense, Stachybotrys sansevierii, Stachybotrys thermotolerans, Stachybotrys palmae, Stachybotrys cordylines, Stachybotrys suthepensis, Stachybotrys eucylindrospora, Stachybotrys terrestris, Stachybotrys variabilis, Stachybotrys nielamuensis, Stachybotrys zhangmuensis, Stachybotrys xanthosomatis, Stachybotrys klebahnii, Stachybotrys pallescens, Stachybotrys thaxteri, Stachybotrys jiangziensis, Stachybotrys xigazenensis, Stachybotrys subreniformis, Stachybotrys striatispora, Stachybotrys oleronensis
 Page # :14
 Year of publication :1966
 Gender :Feminine
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms :


 Description :

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