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General information

 Summary:Psilocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 21, 71 (1871) [MB#18418] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus trF. Psilocybe Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 289 (1821) [MB#700056]
=Agaricus subgen. Deconica W.G. Sm., J. Bot.: 221 (1870) [MB#700020]
=Delitescor Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 434 (1909) [MB#17475]
=Galeropsina Velen., Novitates mycologicae novissimae: 74 (1947) [MB#17633]
=Nematoloma sect. Stropholoma Singer, Sydowia 2 (1-6): 36 (1948) [MB#700320]
 MycoBank #:18418 
 Authors:(Fries) P. Kummer
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) P. Kumm.
 Page #:21, 71
 Year of publication:1871
 Name type:Combination 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Psilocybe foenisecii, Psilocybe sarcocephala, Psilocybe atomatoides, Psilocybe coprophila, Psilocybe crobula, Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe cyanescens, Psilocybe fimetaria, Psilocybe merdaria, Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe montana, Psilocybe quebecensis, Psilocybe rhombispora, Psilocybe semilanceata, Psilocybe subaeruginascens, Psilocybe subcubensis, Psilocybe subviscida, Psilocybe zapotecorum, Psilocybe aztecorum, Psilocybe bohemica, Psilocybe ericaea, Psilocybe novae-zelandiae, Psilocybe chionophila, Psilocybe caerulescens, Psilocybe velifera, Psilocybe tampanensis, Psilocybe pseudobullacea, Psilocybe azurescens, Psilocybe phyllogena, Psilocybe alcidis, Psilocybe uda, Psilocybe moelleri, Psilocybe apelliculosa, Psilocybe magica, Psilocybe subcoprophila, Psilocybe strictipes, Psilocybe liniformans, Psilocybe pratensis, Psilocybe schoeneti, Psilocybe alpestris, Psilocybe micropora, Psilocybe flocculosa, Psilocybe horizontalis, Psilocybe turficola, Psilocybe subericaea, Psilocybe squamosa, Psilocybe semiglobata, Psilocybe rugosoannulata, Psilocybe radicosum, Psilocybe puberula, Psilocybe pseudocyanea, Psilocybe polytrichi, Psilocybe phillipsii, Psilocybe percevalii, Psilocybe olivaceotincta, Psilocybe muscorum, Psilocybe merdicola, Psilocybe melanosperma, Psilocybe marginata, Psilocybe luteonitens, Psilocybe laetissima, Psilocybe laeticolor, Psilocybe inuncta, Psilocybe halophila, Psilocybe glutinosa, Psilocybe fasciculare, Psilocybe ericaeoides, Psilocybe elongata, Psilocybe dorsipora, Psilocybe coronilla, Psilocybe caricicola, Psilocybe capnoides, Psilocybe caerulea, Psilocybe bullacea, Psilocybe aurantiaca, Psilocybe albonitens, Psilocybe aeruginosa, Psilocybe aggregata, Psilocybe larga, Psilocybe musci, Psilocybe pseudoaztecorum, Psilocybe microcystidiata, Psilocybe trufemiae, Psilocybe xanthocephala, Psilocybe gigaspora, Psilocybe guzmanii, Psilocybe sanctorum, Psilocybe angustipleurocystidiata, Psilocybe clavata, Psilocybe jacobsii, Psilocybe pleurocystidiosa, Psilocybe singeriana, Psilocybe smithiana, Psilocybe subanellariiformis, Psilocybe tuxtlensis, Psilocybe hoogshagenii, Psilocybe mixaeensis, Psilocybe barrerae, Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa, Psilocybe schultesii, Psilocybe armandii, Psilocybe wassoniorum, Psilocybe xalapensis, Psilocybe indica, Psilocybe paulensis, Psilocybe ramulosa, Psilocybe septentrionalis, Psilocybe februaria, Psilocybe pericystis, Psilocybe aucklandii, Psilocybe tuberosa, Psilocybe calongei, Psilocybe argentina, Psilocybe rostrata, Psilocybe physaloides, Psilocybe squamulosa, Psilocybe semistriata, Psilocybe griseobadia, Psilocybe catervata, Psilocybe aleuriata, Psilocybe magnivelaris, Psilocybe magnivelaris, Psilocybe canobrunnea, Psilocybe spadiceogrisea, Psilocybe albobrunnea, Psilocybe asperospora, Psilocybe alnetorum, Psilocybe scocholmica, Psilocybe ammophila, Psilocybe stuntzii, Psilocybe aquamarina, Psilocybe graminicola, Psilocybe samuiensis, Psilocybe antioquiensis, Psilocybe guatapensis, Psilocybe heliconiae, Psilocybe subacutipilea, Psilocybe hornemannii, Psilocybe inuncta, Psilocybe lonchophora, Psilocybe ochreata, Psilocybe polytrichophila, Psilocybe scatigena, Psilocybe scobicola, Psilocybe rhomboidospora, Psilocybe cernua, Psilocybe chiapanensis, Psilocybe kashmeriensis, Psilocybe meridensis, Psilocybe moseri, Psilocybe natarajanii, Psilocybe subtropicalis, Psilocybe makarorae, Psilocybe guilartensis, Psilocybe portoricensis, Psilocybe weilii, Psilocybe weilii, Psilocybe toogaadyalis, Psilocybe kolya, Psilocybe kramburkicola, Psilocybe korra, Psilocybe clivensis, Psilocybe hebes, Psilocybe squalens, Psilocybe tegularis, Psilocybe agraria, Psilocybe nemophila, Psilocybe alpina, Psilocybe isabelae, Psilocybe zoncuantlensis, Psilocybe compta, Psilocybe virescens, Psilocybe spadicea, Psilocybe areolata, Psilocybe subzapotecorum, Psilocybe hispanica, Psilocybe oregonensis, Psilocybe pegleriana, Psilocybe jaliscana, Psilocybe papyracea, Psilocybe albofimbriata, Psilocybe discordans, Psilocybe discordabilis, Psilocybe subuda, Psilocybe exerrans, Psilocybe insiliens, Psilocybe interjungens, Psilocybe particularis, Psilocybe delita, Psilocybe testaceofulva, Psilocybe agnata, Psilocybe parviducta, Psilocybe recognita, Psilocybe aerugineomaculans, Psilocybe modesta, Psilocybe acutipilea, Psilocybe togoensis, Psilocybe tomentosa, Psilocybe vialis, Psilocybe bulbosa, Psilocybe silvatica, Psilocybe mammillata, Psilocybe castaneicolor, Psilocybe castaneifolia, Psilocybe albobrunnea, Psilocybe cookei, Psilocybe fuliginosa, Psilocybe cokeri, Psilocybe angulata, Psilocybe atrorufa, Psilocybe dunicola, Psilocybe blattariopsis, Psilocybe panaeoliformis, Psilocybe oedipus, Psilocybe anellariiformis, Psilocybe goniospora, Psilocybe pallidispora, Psilocybe latispora, Psilocybe sclerotifera, Psilocybe granulata, Psilocybe plana, Psilocybe appendiculata, Psilocybe caespitosa, Psilocybe desertorum, Psilocybe echinata, Psilocybe floccipes, Psilocybe iodoformica, Psilocybe lateritia, Psilocybe maxima, Psilocybe obtusissima, Psilocybe ochraeceps, Psilocybe pelliculosa, Psilocybe pyrispora, Psilocybe rugosa, Psilocybe stereicola, Psilocybe subaeruginosa, Psilocybe subammophila, Psilocybe subuda, Psilocybe umbrospora, Psilocybe venenata, Psilocybe vernalis, Psilocybe zonalis, Psilocybe acadiensis, Psilocybe alachuana, Psilocybe angustispora, Psilocybe cokeriana, Psilocybe floridana, Psilocybe leechii, Psilocybe sphagnicola, Psilocybe subbrevipes, Psilocybe washingtonensis, Psilocybe acutissima, Psilocybe aggericola, Psilocybe baeocystis, Psilocybe candidipes, Psilocybe collybioides, Psilocybe cordispora, Psilocybe cylindrispora, Psilocybe fasciata, Psilocybe isauri, Psilocybe muliercula, Psilocybe paupera, Psilocybe sempervivae, Psilocybe subcaerulipes, Psilocybe wassonii, Psilocybe aequatoriae, Psilocybe andina, Psilocybe argentipes, Psilocybe australiana, Psilocybe banderillensis, Psilocybe bonetii, Psilocybe borealis, Psilocybe brasiliensis, Psilocybe brunneocystidiata, Psilocybe caeruleoannulata, Psilocybe chrysocystidiata, Psilocybe columbiana, Psilocybe cordobensis, Psilocybe dumontii, Psilocybe eucalypta, Psilocybe farinacea, Psilocybe fimicola, Psilocybe furtadoana, Psilocybe galindoi, Psilocybe heimii, Psilocybe herrerae, Psilocybe horakii, Psilocybe inconspicua, Psilocybe jujuyensis, Psilocybe laticystis, Psilocybe longispora, Psilocybe mairei, Psilocybe mutans, Psilocybe naematoliformis, Psilocybe neocaledonica, Psilocybe nothofagensis, Psilocybe papuana, Psilocybe pintonii, Psilocybe rzedowskii, Psilocybe serbica, Psilocybe singeri, Psilocybe subalnetorum, Psilocybe subborealis, Psilocybe subfimetaria, Psilocybe subhyperella, Psilocybe subyungensis, Psilocybe tasmaniana, Psilocybe uruguayensis, Psilocybe uxpanapensis, Psilocybe verae-crucis, Psilocybe weldenii, Psilocybe wrightii, Psilocybe fuegiana, Psilocybe septembris, Psilocybe araucana, Psilocybe bolivarii, Psilocybe caesioannulata, Psilocybe carbonaria, Psilocybe chilensis, Psilocybe fagicola, Psilocybe flammuliformis, Psilocybe kumaenorum, Psilocybe lazoi, Psilocybe longinqua, Psilocybe marthae, Psilocybe mesospora, Psilocybe omiumsanctorum, Psilocybe peladae, Psilocybe peruviana, Psilocybe praetervisa, Psilocybe pteridophytorum, Psilocybe sierrae, Psilocybe squarrosipes, Psilocybe valdiviensis, Psilocybe venezuelana, Psilocybe xeroderma, Psilocybe murcida, Psilocybe subviridis, Psilocybe chondroderma, Psilocybe stagnina, Psilocybe canificans, Psilocybe nuciseda, Psilocybe atrobrunnea, Psilocybe callosa, Psilocybe palmigena, Psilocybe plutonia, Psilocybe iodoformica, Psilocybe ecbola, Psilocybe heterosticha, Psilocybe dichroma, Psilocybe conissans, Psilocybe vicina, Psilocybe taediosa, Psilocybe tortipes, Psilocybe tibetensis, Psilocybe unicolor, Psilocybe vanhoeffenii, Psilocybe tristis, Psilocybe tuberosa, Psilocybe canorubra, Psilocybe castanella, Psilocybe agariella, Psilocybe alboquadrata, Psilocybe caespiticia, Psilocybe caerulipes, Psilocybe arenulina, Psilocybe cystidiosa, Psilocybe submaculata, Psilocybe subagraria, Psilocybe elongatipes, Psilocybe obscura, Psilocybe orizabensis, Psilocybe nigrella, Psilocybe samoensis, Psilocybe rufa, Psilocybe sellae, Psilocybe sabulosa, Psilocybe graveolens, Psilocybe henningsii, Psilocybe fuscofulva, Psilocybe gilletii, Psilocybe hygrophila, Psilocybe rhodophaea, Psilocybe pulicosa, Psilocybe polycephala, Psilocybe citrina, Psilocybe ferrugineolateritia, Psilocybe fuscifolia, Psilocybe fortunata, Psilocybe mutabilis, Psilocybe limophila, Psilocybe microsporum, Psilocybe lysiophylla, Psilocybe simulans, Psilocybe senex, Psilocybe californica, Psilocybe camptopoda, Psilocybe agrariella, Psilocybe corneipes, Psilocybe antillarum, Psilocybe fatua, Psilocybe tropicalis, Psilocybe ceres, Psilocybe comta, Psilocybe dichroa, Psilocybe limicola, Psilocybe pertinax, Psilocybe sullivantii, Psilocybe obtusata, Psilocybe atlantis, Psilocybe submaritima, Psilocybe sardoa, Psilocybe keralensis, Psilocybe wayanadensis, Psilocybe thrausta, Psilocybe clavatum, Psilocybe fascicularis, Psilocybe galindii, Psilocybe hoogshageni, Psilocybe hornemanii, Psilocybe lonchoporus, Psilocybe philipsii, Psilocybe togoënsis, Psilocybe truphemi, Psilocybe udus, Psilocybe macquariensis, Psilocybe fasciculata, Psilocybe yungensis, Psilocybe subhoogshagenii, Psilocybe subheliconiae, Psilocybe singularis, Psilocybe semiangustipleurocystidiata, Psilocybe pileocystidiata, Psilocybe oaxacana, Psilocybe mesophylla, Psilocybe chaconii, Psilocybe cabiensis, Psilocybe egonii, Psilocybe subpsilocybioides, Psilocybe zapotecocaribaea, Psilocybe zapotecoantillarum, Psilocybe caribaea, Psilocybe gallaeciae, Psilocybe mescaleroensis, Psilocybe subflava, Psilocybe perspicua, Psilocybe cavipes, Psilocybe microsperma, Psilocybe camptopus, Psilocybe subbrunneocystidiata, Psilocybe polycephala, Psilocybe squalidella, Psilocybe meridionalis, Psilocybe atomatoides, Psilocybe subgen. Melanotus, Psilocybe subsect. Elongatae, Psilocybe subsect. Ericaeae, Psilocybe subsect. Inquilinae, Psilocybe subsect. Marginatae, Psilocybe subsect. Montanae, Psilocybe rickii, Psilocybe parvula, Psilocybe formosa, Psilocybe paludicola, Psilocybe brunneoalbescens, Psilocybe alutacea, Psilocybe aureicystidiata, Psilocybe eximia, Psilocybe fibrillosipes, Psilocybe largicystidiata, Psilocybe megacystis, Psilocybe mendica, Psilocybe overeemii, Psilocybe simplex, Psilocybe subfusispora, Psilocybe rolfsingerii, Psilocybe tenuitunicata, Psilocybe novoxalapensis, Psilocybe neoxalapensis, Psilocybe teofilae, Psilocybe inquilina, Psilocybe campanulata, Psilocybe rhizomorphica, Psilocybe ventricosa, Psilocybe lateritia, Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata, Psilocybe semi-inconspicua, Psilocybe islandica, Psilocybe moravica, Psilocybe arcana, Psilocybe aucklandiae, Psilocybe fibrillosa, Psilocybe medullosa, Psilocybe psilocyboides, Psilocybe magnispora, Psilocybe umbrina, Psilocybe thailandensis, Psilocybe deconicoides, Psilocybe radicosa, Psilocybe asperospora, Psilocybe echinata, Psilocybe subuda, Psilocybe novozoncuantlensis, Psilocybe tenax, Psilocybe canofaciens, Psilocybe bipleurocystidiata, Psilocybe multicellularis, Psilocybe subannulata, Psilocybe subovoideocystidiata, Psilocybe weraroa, Psilocybe taiwanensis, Psilocybe hopii, Psilocybe sect. Neocaledonicae, Psilocybe hepatochrous, Psilocybe neorhombispora, Psilocybe castillotovarii, Psilocybe josecastilloi, Psilocybe josecastilloa, Psilocybe islandica, Psilocybe subgen. Stercophila, Psilocybe sect. Fasciculares, Psilocybe sect. Psilocyboides, Psilocybe subgen. Hypholoma, Psilocybe subgen. Stropharia, Psilocybe subgen. Stropholoma, Psilocybe capitulata, Psilocybe mongolica, Psilocybe rolfsingeri, Psilocybe thaiaerugineomaculans, Psilocybe thaicordispora, Psilocybe thaiduplicatocystidiata, Psilocybe thaizapoteca, Psilocybe teofiloi, Psilocybe natalensis, Psilocybe bispora, Psilocybe allenii, Psilocybe inunctus, Psilocybe semuiensis, Psilocybe tuberifera, Psilocybe libertatis, Psilocybe antioquensis, Psilocybe semiinconspicua, Psilocybe cinnamomea, Psilocybe villarrealiae, Psilocybe laurae, Psilocybe sect. Psilocybe, Psilocybe subgen. Psilocybe, Psilocybe subsect. Psilocybe, Psilocybe brunneo-albescens, Psilocybe bolivari, Psilocybe comta, Psilocybe hydrophila, Psilocybe bohemica, Psilocybe caespititia, Psilocybe squamosa var. aurantiaca, Psilocybe brunneoalbescens, Psilocybe squalidella var. umbonata, Psilocybe squalidella var. macrospora, Psilocybe squalidella var. deformata, Psilocybe villarrealiae, Psilocybe laurae, Psilocybe novoxalapensis
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