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General information

 Summary:Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude, Die Schwämme Mitteldeutschlands, in besondere des Herzogthums: xxviii, 122 (1857) [MB#17328] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Clitocybe Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 9, 78 (1821) [MB#700031]
≡Clitocybe subgen. Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude, Die Schwämme Mitteldeutschlands, in besondere des Herzogthums: xxviii, 122 (1857) [MB#548796]
≡Clitocybe subsect. Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude, Die Schwämme Mitteldeutschlands, in besondere des Herzogthums: xxviii, 122 (1857) [MB#548797]
=Trigonipes Velen., Novitates mycologicae: 77 (1939) [MB#18682]
=Singerella Harmaja, Karstenia 14: 114 (1974) [MB#18546]
=Rubeolarius Raithelh., Die Gattung Clitocybe: 16 (1981) [MB#28783]
 MycoBank #:17328 
 Authors:(Fries) Staude 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Staude 
 Page #:xxviii, 122 
 Year of effective publication:1857 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

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Clitocybe aberrans, Clitocybe aberrantissima, Clitocybe absinthiata, Clitocybe acerba, Clitocybe acicola, Clitocybe aconquijensis, Clitocybe acromelalga, Clitocybe acromelalga, Clitocybe adhaerens, Clitocybe adirondackensis, Clitocybe admissa, Clitocybe admissa, Clitocybe adsentiens, Clitocybe adunata, Clitocybe adustiterricola, Clitocybe aequabilis, Clitocybe aeruginosa, Clitocybe afrosinopica, Clitocybe agglomerata, Clitocybe aggregata, Clitocybe agrestis, Clitocybe agricola, Clitocybe agropyri, Clitocybe alachuana, Clitocybe alaricensis, Clitocybe alba, Clitocybe albicastanea, Clitocybe albida, Clitocybe albida, Clitocybe albidogilva, Clitocybe albidula, Clitocybe albiformis, Clitocybe albimontana, Clitocybe albina, Clitocybe albirhiza, Clitocybe albissima, Clitocybe albocastanea, Clitocybe albocinerea, Clitocybe albofragrans, Clitocybe alboinfundibuliforme, Clitocybe alboinfundibuliformis, Clitocybe alborosea, Clitocybe alborufescens, Clitocybe alboumbilicata, Clitocybe alexandri, Clitocybe alkaliviolascens, Clitocybe allegreti, Clitocybe alnetorum, Clitocybe alni-glutinosae, Clitocybe alnicola, Clitocybe alpestris, Clitocybe alpicola, Clitocybe alpina, Clitocybe altaica, Clitocybe alutaceotincta, Clitocybe amara, Clitocybe amara-acida, Clitocybe amarella, Clitocybe amarescens, Clitocybe ambifaria, Clitocybe ambiformis, Clitocybe ambigua, Clitocybe americana, Clitocybe amethystina, Clitocybe amoenolens, Clitocybe ampla, Clitocybe anapacta, Clitocybe anastomosica, Clitocybe andina, Clitocybe angustifolia, Clitocybe angustilamellata, Clitocybe angustissima, Clitocybe anisa, Clitocybe anisata, Clitocybe antipoda, Clitocybe apala, Clitocybe aperta, Clitocybe applanata, Clitocybe applanata, Clitocybe apposita, Clitocybe aprilis, Clitocybe apula, Clitocybe aquatica, Clitocybe aquoso-umbrina, Clitocybe aquosoumbrina, Clitocybe arenosa, Clitocybe argillacea, Clitocybe armeniacea, Clitocybe arnoldii, Clitocybe aromatica, Clitocybe arvalis, Clitocybe arvensis, Clitocybe asema, Clitocybe aspropaxilloides, Clitocybe asterospora, Clitocybe atra, Clitocybe atra, Clitocybe atracta, Clitocybe atrialba, Clitocybe atroalba, Clitocybe atrobrunnea, Clitocybe atrofulva, Clitocybe atrostriata, Clitocybe atroviridis, Clitocybe attenuata, Clitocybe attracta, Clitocybe augeana, Clitocybe augustinensis, Clitocybe aurantiaca, Clitocybe aureimarginata, Clitocybe auricula, Clitocybe australiana, Clitocybe australis, Clitocybe autumnalis, Clitocybe avellana, Clitocybe avellanea, Clitocybe avellanea, Clitocybe avellaneialba, Clitocybe avellaneifolia, Clitocybe avellaneoalba, Clitocybe azalearum, Clitocybe badioferruginea, Clitocybe balansae, Clitocybe balansae, Clitocybe baraliana, Clitocybe barbata, Clitocybe barbularum, Clitocybe bartelliae, Clitocybe basidiosa, Clitocybe basirosea, Clitocybe batschiana, Clitocybe befanamensis, Clitocybe bella, Clitocybe benekei, Clitocybe berteroana, Clitocybe bicolor, Clitocybe biformis, Clitocybe bifurcata, Clitocybe bingensis, Clitocybe bipindiensis, Clitocybe boletispora, Clitocybe boolaronga, Clitocybe borealis, Clitocybe borealis, Clitocybe bourgaei, Clitocybe bresadolae, Clitocybe bresadolana, Clitocybe bresadoliana, Clitocybe bresadoliano-affinis, Clitocybe brevibasidiata, Clitocybe brevipes, Clitocybe broadwayi, Clitocybe brownii, Clitocybe brumalis, Clitocybe brumosa, Clitocybe brunneocaperata, Clitocybe brunneocephala, Clitocybe brunneoceracea, Clitocybe brunnescens, Clitocybe bubalina, Clitocybe buccinula, Clitocybe butyracea, Clitocybe cabrerae, Clitocybe cacabus, Clitocybe cacabus, Clitocybe cacao, Clitocybe caespitosa, Clitocybe caespitosa, Clitocybe calcarea, Clitocybe calida, Clitocybe californiensis, Clitocybe calyx, Clitocybe campestris, Clitocybe canaliculata, Clitocybe candens, Clitocybe candicans, Clitocybe candida, Clitocybe cantharelloides, Clitocybe caperata, Clitocybe cardarella, Clitocybe carnosa, Clitocybe carnosior, Clitocybe carolinensis, Clitocybe cartilaginea, Clitocybe casimiri, Clitocybe casimirii, Clitocybe castanea, Clitocybe castaneicola, Clitocybe castaneofloccosa, Clitocybe castanicola, Clitocybe catalaunica, Clitocybe catervata, Clitocybe catinus, Clitocybe caucasica, Clitocybe cavopedes, Clitocybe celata, Clitocybe centralis, Clitocybe ceraceolamellata, Clitocybe cereceophylla, Clitocybe cereoceps, Clitocybe cerussata, Clitocybe cervina, Clitocybe chrysocephala, Clitocybe chrysoleuca, Clitocybe chrysophylla, Clitocybe chudacae, Clitocybe cincta, Clitocybe cinctum, Clitocybe cinerascens, Clitocybe cinerascens, Clitocybe cinerea, Clitocybe cinerescens, Clitocybe cinerescens, Clitocybe cinnamomeolamellata, Clitocybe cistophila, Clitocybe clavipes, Clitocybe clitocyboides, Clitocybe clusiliformis, Clitocybe clusilis, Clitocybe coacta, Clitocybe cochleata, Clitocybe coffeata, Clitocybe coffeatus, Clitocybe coihue, Clitocybe cokeri, Clitocybe colletica, Clitocybe collina, Clitocybe collybioides, Clitocybe coloradensis, Clitocybe columbana, Clitocybe columbiana, Clitocybe comitialis, Clitocybe compressipes, Clitocybe compressipes, Clitocybe concava, Clitocybe concaviformis, Clitocybe concavoides, Clitocybe confertifolia, Clitocybe confusa, Clitocybe conglobata, Clitocybe coniferophila, Clitocybe connata, Clitocybe conquisita, Clitocybe conspurcata, Clitocybe coprophila, Clitocybe coriacea, Clitocybe corrugata, Clitocybe cortinarioides, Clitocybe costata, Clitocybe crassa, Clitocybe cremea, Clitocybe crenulata, Clitocybe crispa, Clitocybe crocobapha, Clitocybe cryptarum, Clitocybe curtipes, Clitocybe curtisii, Clitocybe curvipes, Clitocybe cuticolor, Clitocybe cyanea, Clitocybe cyanolens, Clitocybe cyanolens, Clitocybe cyanophaea, Clitocybe cyathiformis, Clitocybe cystidiosa, Clitocybe danica, Clitocybe dealbata, Clitocybe decastes, Clitocybe decembris, Clitocybe deceptiva, Clitocybe decolorans, Clitocybe decora, Clitocybe demissa, Clitocybe dennisii, Clitocybe densifolia, Clitocybe depallens, Clitocybe depauperata, Clitocybe depressa, Clitocybe diaphana, Clitocybe diatreta, Clitocybe dicolor, Clitocybe difformis, Clitocybe difformis, Clitocybe dilatata, Clitocybe diluvialis, Clitocybe dimorpha, Clitocybe dionysae, Clitocybe diosma, Clitocybe discolor, Clitocybe distantifolia, Clitocybe ditopa, Clitocybe ditopus, Clitocybe dothiophora, Clitocybe dryadicola, Clitocybe duckeana, Clitocybe dulcidula, Clitocybe earlei, Clitocybe eccentrica, Clitocybe eccentrica, Clitocybe echinosperma, Clitocybe echinospora, Clitocybe ectypa, Clitocybe ectypoides, Clitocybe egregia, Clitocybe eismondii, Clitocybe elegans, Clitocybe elegantula, Clitocybe eleophylla, Clitocybe elephantina, Clitocybe elixa, Clitocybe entoloma, Clitocybe epia, Clitocybe epichysium, Clitocybe epigaea, Clitocybe epiphloeodica, Clitocybe ericeticola, Clitocybe ericetorum, Clitocybe ericetosa, Clitocybe erubescens, Clitocybe erubescens, Clitocybe espeletiae, Clitocybe espinosae, Clitocybe eucalyptorum, Clitocybe eucystidiata, Clitocybe eugeniae, Clitocybe evulgata, Clitocybe excentrica, Clitocybe excentrica, Clitocybe excentrica, Clitocybe exilis, Clitocybe expallens, Clitocybe explanata, Clitocybe extenuata, Clitocybe extenuata, Clitocybe exul, Clitocybe fallaciosa, Clitocybe fallax, Clitocybe fallax, Clitocybe fallax, Clitocybe farcta, Clitocybe farinacea, Clitocybe fasciata, Clitocybe fasciculata, Clitocybe favrei, Clitocybe favrei, Clitocybe fechtneri, Clitocybe fellea, Clitocybe felleoides, Clitocybe femoralis, Clitocybe fennica, Clitocybe ferrugineoalba, Clitocybe festiva, Clitocybe festivoides, Clitocybe fibulotuba, Clitocybe fimbriata, Clitocybe fimiphila, Clitocybe flaccida, Clitocybe flavescens, Clitocybe flavidella, Clitocybe flavidifolia, Clitocybe flavissima, Clitocybe flavocerina, Clitocybe flavofusca, Clitocybe flavolamellata, Clitocybe flexilis, Clitocybe flexuosa, Clitocybe floridana, Clitocybe foetens, Clitocybe foetida, Clitocybe font-queri, Clitocybe formosa, Clitocybe foveolata, Clitocybe fragilipes, Clitocybe fragilis, Clitocybe fragrans, Clitocybe fraterna, Clitocybe fritilliformis, Clitocybe frustatoria, Clitocybe frysica, Clitocybe fuliginea, Clitocybe fuligineipes, Clitocybe fulvonitens, Clitocybe fumosa, Clitocybe fumosifolia, Clitocybe furfuracea, Clitocybe furfuraceipes, Clitocybe fuscipes, Clitocybe fusco-squamula, Clitocybe fuscoalutacea, Clitocybe fusconigra, Clitocybe fuscosquamula, Clitocybe gackstatteriana, Clitocybe gallinacea, Clitocybe gangraenosa, Clitocybe garidelli, Clitocybe gentianea, Clitocybe georgina, Clitocybe geotropa, Clitocybe gerardiana, Clitocybe gibba, Clitocybe gibboides, Clitocybe gigantea, Clitocybe gigas, Clitocybe gilva, Clitocybe gilvaoides, Clitocybe gilvidula, Clitocybe gilvoides, Clitocybe glacialis, Clitocybe glareosa, Clitocybe glaucipes, Clitocybe glaucoalba, Clitocybe glaucocana, Clitocybe glaucophylla, Clitocybe globispora, Clitocybe glutiniceps, Clitocybe glypholoma, Clitocybe gomphidioides, Clitocybe goossensiae, Clitocybe gossypina, Clitocybe gracilipes, Clitocybe gracilipes, Clitocybe gracilis, Clitocybe gracillima, Clitocybe graminicola, Clitocybe grandispora, Clitocybe graveolens, Clitocybe griseifolia, Clitocybe griseoargentea, Clitocybe griseopallida, Clitocybe gruberi, Clitocybe grumata, Clitocybe grumata, Clitocybe guachiparum, Clitocybe guangdongensis, Clitocybe guarapiensis, Clitocybe guttatomarmorata, Clitocybe gymnopodia, Clitocybe gyrans, Clitocybe haasiana, Clitocybe harmajae, Clitocybe harperi, Clitocybe hebelomoides, Clitocybe hemispila, Clitocybe hepatica, Clitocybe herbarum, Clitocybe hesleri, Clitocybe hiemalis, Clitocybe highlandensis, Clitocybe himantiigena, Clitocybe hirneola, Clitocybe hoffmanii, Clitocybe hoffmannii, Clitocybe hohensis, Clitocybe hondensis, Clitocybe hortensis, Clitocybe houghtonii, Clitocybe hudsoniana, Clitocybe humicola, Clitocybe humosa, Clitocybe hyacinthina, Clitocybe hyalodes, Clitocybe hydrogramma, Clitocybe hydrophora, Clitocybe hygrophoroides, Clitocybe hymenodes, Clitocybe hypnorum, Clitocybe hypocalamus, Clitocybe hypotheja, Clitocybe icmadophila, Clitocybe icterina, Clitocybe idahoensis, Clitocybe ignobilis, Clitocybe illudens, Clitocybe imaiana, Clitocybe immarcescens, Clitocybe imperialis, Clitocybe impolita, Clitocybe inaequalis, Clitocybe incarnata, Clitocybe incilis, Clitocybe incisa, Clitocybe incomis, Clitocybe incompta, Clitocybe incomta, Clitocybe incongrua, Clitocybe inconstans, Clitocybe incorporata, Clitocybe incrustata, Clitocybe indigula, Clitocybe inflatipes, Clitocybe infumata, Clitocybe infundibuliformis, Clitocybe infundibuliformis f. infundibuliformis, Clitocybe inornata, Clitocybe insignis, Clitocybe insipida, Clitocybe integra, Clitocybe intermedia, Clitocybe interveniens, Clitocybe inversa, Clitocybe inversus, Clitocybe iopepla, Clitocybe irina, Clitocybe isabella, Clitocybe isabellina, Clitocybe isolata, Clitocybe jalapensis, Clitocybe jamaicensis, Clitocybe josserandii, Clitocybe kabulensis, Clitocybe kalchbrenneri, Clitocybe karsteniana, Clitocybe kemptoniae, Clitocybe kemptonii, Clitocybe kenkulunea, Clitocybe konradiana, Clitocybe krizii-josephii, Clitocybe kuehneri, Clitocybe kuehneri, Clitocybe laccata, Clitocybe laccatinus, Clitocybe lactariiformis, Clitocybe lactea, Clitocybe lacustris, Clitocybe lanata, Clitocybe langei, Clitocybe langei, Clitocybe lapponica, Clitocybe laricicola, Clitocybe lata, Clitocybe lateritia, Clitocybe lauta, Clitocybe lazulina, Clitocybe leiphaemia, Clitocybe lentata, Clitocybe lenticulosa, Clitocybe lentiginosa, Clitocybe lentinelloides, Clitocybe leopardina, Clitocybe lepidea, Clitocybe lepiphylla, Clitocybe lepistoides, Clitocybe leptoloma, Clitocybe leptosarca, Clitocybe leucodiatreta, Clitocybe leucopaxilloides, Clitocybe leucophylla, Clitocybe leucophylla, Clitocybe lichtkaempferi, Clitocybe lignatilis, Clitocybe lignicola, Clitocybe lignicola, Clitocybe lilaceo-alba, Clitocybe lilaceoalba, Clitocybe lilacifolia, Clitocybe lilacina, Clitocybe lilacinofusca, Clitocybe linearilamellata, Clitocybe lituus, Clitocybe lixivia, Clitocybe lobata, Clitocybe lohjaensis, Clitocybe longispora, Clitocybe lorinseri, Clitocybe luffii, Clitocybe luffii, Clitocybe luridipes, Clitocybe luscina, Clitocybe lutea, Clitocybe luteiceps, Clitocybe luteicolor, Clitocybe luteophylla, Clitocybe luteorubescens, Clitocybe luteovirens, Clitocybe luteovitellina, Clitocybe macromphala, Clitocybe macrophylla, Clitocybe macrospora, Clitocybe maculosa, Clitocybe maculosa, Clitocybe madefacta, Clitocybe maialis, Clitocybe mairei, Clitocybe majalis, Clitocybe marasmiformis, Clitocybe marginata, Clitocybe marginata, Clitocybe marginella, Clitocybe marmorea, Clitocybe marthae, Clitocybe martialis, Clitocybe martiorum, Clitocybe marzuolus, Clitocybe maxima, Clitocybe mayyanadensis, Clitocybe media, Clitocybe megalospora, Clitocybe mellea, Clitocybe melliolens, Clitocybe membranacea, Clitocybe menthiodora, Clitocybe meridionalis, Clitocybe metachroa, Clitocybe metachroides, Clitocybe metria, Clitocybe metrodii, Clitocybe mexicana, Clitocybe michiganensis, Clitocybe microspora, Clitocybe microspora, Clitocybe milleri, Clitocybe minuta, Clitocybe minutella, Clitocybe mitis, Clitocybe mollicula, Clitocybe mollis, Clitocybe molybdina, Clitocybe monadelpha, Clitocybe monochroa, Clitocybe monstrosa, Clitocybe montana, Clitocybe monticola, Clitocybe montivaga, Clitocybe morbifera, Clitocybe morganii, Clitocybe mortaricola, Clitocybe mortuosa, Clitocybe mucoroides, Clitocybe multicarpa, Clitocybe multiceps, Clitocybe multiforme, Clitocybe multiformis, Clitocybe mundula, Clitocybe munduliformis, Clitocybe murina, Clitocybe murinifolia, Clitocybe muritai, Clitocybe murrilliana, Clitocybe muscorum, Clitocybe mutabilis, Clitocybe mycenopsis, Clitocybe myochroa, Clitocybe myriophylla, Clitocybe nana, Clitocybe nardincola, Clitocybe nauseosa, Clitocybe nauseosodulcis, Clitocybe neapolitana, Clitocybe nebularis, Clitocybe nigra, Clitocybe nigripes, Clitocybe nimbata, Clitocybe nitens, Clitocybe nitriolens, Clitocybe nitrophila, Clitocybe nivalis, Clitocybe nivea, Clitocybe nivea, Clitocybe niveicolor, Clitocybe nobilis, Clitocybe nothofageti, Clitocybe nothofaginea, Clitocybe novembrina, Clitocybe nubila, Clitocybe nuda, Clitocybe nuoljae, Clitocybe obbata, Clitocybe obola, Clitocybe obscura, Clitocybe obscurata, Clitocybe obscuratipes, Clitocybe obsoleta, Clitocybe obtexta, Clitocybe occulta, Clitocybe ochracea, Clitocybe ochropurpurea, Clitocybe oculata, Clitocybe odontella, Clitocybe odora, Clitocybe odorabilis, Clitocybe odorula, Clitocybe oenocephala, Clitocybe ohiensis, Clitocybe ohioensis, Clitocybe olearia, Clitocybe olida, Clitocybe olida, Clitocybe oligophylla, Clitocybe olivaceifulva, Clitocybe olivaceobrunnea, Clitocybe olorina, Clitocybe omphaliaeformis, Clitocybe omphaliiformis, Clitocybe onisca, Clitocybe oniscus, Clitocybe opaca, Clitocybe opaca, Clitocybe opala, Clitocybe opipara, Clitocybe oramophila, Clitocybe orbiformis, Clitocybe orbispora, Clitocybe oreades, Clitocybe oregonensis, Clitocybe orientalis, Clitocybe ornamentalis, Clitocybe osmophora, Clitocybe ostreata, Clitocybe overholtsii, Clitocybe ovipara, Clitocybe ovispora, Clitocybe pachycephala, Clitocybe pachyphylla, Clitocybe pachyphylla, Clitocybe pacifica, Clitocybe pallens, Clitocybe pallescens, Clitocybe pallida, Clitocybe pallidipes, Clitocybe pallidospora, Clitocybe paludophila, Clitocybe paludosa, Clitocybe panaeoliformis, Clitocybe panizzii, Clitocybe pantoleucoides, Clitocybe papillata, Clitocybe papyracea, Clitocybe paraditopa, Clitocybe paradoxa, Clitocybe parasitica, Clitocybe parilis, Clitocybe paropsis, Clitocybe parvula, Clitocybe pascua, Clitocybe patagonica, Clitocybe patelliformis, Clitocybe patuloides, Clitocybe paulensis, Clitocybe pausiaca, Clitocybe paxillus, Clitocybe paxillus, Clitocybe payettensis, Clitocybe peckii, Clitocybe pedicellata, Clitocybe pelletieri, Clitocybe pellucida, Clitocybe peltigerina, Clitocybe pengellei, Clitocybe peraggregata, Clitocybe peralbida, Clitocybe peregrina, Clitocybe perforata, Clitocybe pergamena, Clitocybe pervisa, Clitocybe petchii, Clitocybe phaeophtalma var. gibboides, Clitocybe phaeophthalma, Clitocybe philonotis, Clitocybe phosphorea, Clitocybe phyllophila, Clitocybe phyllophiloides, Clitocybe piceina, Clitocybe pileolaris, Clitocybe pinetorum, Clitocybe piniaria, Clitocybe pinophila, Clitocybe piperata, Clitocybe piperata, Clitocybe pistillipes, Clitocybe pithyophila, Clitocybe plana, Clitocybe planiuscula, Clitocybe platipoda, Clitocybe pleurotus, Clitocybe poculum, Clitocybe podocarpi, Clitocybe polia, Clitocybe polycephala, Clitocybe polygonarum, Clitocybe polylepidicola, Clitocybe polymorpha, Clitocybe polyrrhizus, Clitocybe pometi, Clitocybe popinalis, Clitocybe porphyrella, Clitocybe porphyrodes, Clitocybe postii, Clitocybe praeandina, Clitocybe praecox, Clitocybe praecox, Clitocybe praefellea, Clitocybe praemagna, Clitocybe pratensis, Clitocybe praticola, Clitocybe praticola, Clitocybe profundidisca, Clitocybe proxima, Clitocybe pruinosa, Clitocybe pruinosa, Clitocybe pruniodora, Clitocybe pseudectypa, Clitocybe pseudo-obbata var. pseudo-obbata, Clitocybe pseudoacerba, Clitocybe pseudocandida, Clitocybe pseudoclusilis, Clitocybe pseudoconglobata, Clitocybe pseudodicolor, Clitocybe pseudoectypa, Clitocybe pseudoirina, Clitocybe pseudomarginella, Clitocybe pseudonebularis, Clitocybe pseudoobbata, Clitocybe pseudoobbata, Clitocybe pseudoobbata var. magnispora, Clitocybe pseudophyllophila, Clitocybe pseudosquamulosa, Clitocybe pseudosquamulosa, Clitocybe puberula, Clitocybe pubescentipes, Clitocybe puellula, Clitocybe puiggarii, Clitocybe pulchella, Clitocybe pulchella, Clitocybe pulcherrima, Clitocybe pulla, Clitocybe pumila, Clitocybe pumila, Clitocybe pungens, Clitocybe purpurea, Clitocybe pusilla, Clitocybe pusilla, Clitocybe pusilla, Clitocybe putrida, Clitocybe pyraces, Clitocybe pyxidata, Clitocybe queletii, Clitocybe quercina, Clitocybe quisquiliarum, Clitocybe racemophila, Clitocybe radiata, Clitocybe radicellata, Clitocybe radiozonaria, Clitocybe rainierensis, Clitocybe ramigena, Clitocybe rancens, Clitocybe rancida, Clitocybe rancidula, Clitocybe raphaniolens, Clitocybe rappiana, Clitocybe reclinis, Clitocybe regularis, Clitocybe regularoides, Clitocybe reticeps, Clitocybe revoluta, Clitocybe rhizoides, Clitocybe rhizophora, Clitocybe rhodoleuca, Clitocybe rickenii, Clitocybe rigidata, Clitocybe rivulosa, Clitocybe rivulosoides, Clitocybe robinsoniae, Clitocybe robusta, Clitocybe rosella, Clitocybe roseomaculata, Clitocybe rubelia, Clitocybe rubella, Clitocybe rubrotincta, Clitocybe ruderalis, Clitocybe rudis, Clitocybe rudis, Clitocybe rufo-alutacea, Clitocybe rufoalutacea, Clitocybe rufuloalutacea, Clitocybe rufuloalutacea, Clitocybe rugosipes, Clitocybe rupicola, Clitocybe rustica, Clitocybe sabulophila, Clitocybe saccifera, Clitocybe sadleri, Clitocybe saeva, Clitocybe salmona, Clitocybe salmoneus, Clitocybe salmonilamella, Clitocybe sandicina, Clitocybe sangallensis, Clitocybe sapida, Clitocybe scabriuscula, Clitocybe scandens, Clitocybe schizophylla, Clitocybe schulmannii, Clitocybe sclerotoidea, Clitocybe scotodes, Clitocybe scyphoides, Clitocybe segeolens, Clitocybe semiocculta, Clitocybe semitalis, Clitocybe senilis, Clitocybe septentrionalis, Clitocybe sericella, Clitocybe serotina, Clitocybe serotina, Clitocybe sevocata, Clitocybe shafferi, Clitocybe silvae-araucariae, Clitocybe silvestre, Clitocybe silvestre, Clitocybe silvestris, Clitocybe similis, Clitocybe simplaria, Clitocybe singeri, Clitocybe sinopica, Clitocybe sinopicoides, Clitocybe situata, Clitocybe smaragdina, Clitocybe smithii, Clitocybe socialis, Clitocybe solumophila, Clitocybe sordida, Clitocybe sordida, Clitocybe sparsivestita, Clitocybe sphaerospora, Clitocybe sphagnicola, Clitocybe spinulosa, Clitocybe splendens, Clitocybe splendoides, Clitocybe spodophora, Clitocybe spodoxutha, Clitocybe squamodisca, Clitocybe squamosa, Clitocybe squamulosa, Clitocybe squamulosoides, Clitocybe stannea, Clitocybe stenophylla, Clitocybe steppicola, Clitocybe stercoraria, Clitocybe stipaephila, Clitocybe stipitata, Clitocybe stolonifera, Clitocybe straminea, Clitocybe straminea, Clitocybe strangulata, Clitocybe striata, Clitocybe striatipes, Clitocybe striatula, Clitocybe strigosa, Clitocybe strombodes, Clitocybe stygia, Clitocybe suaveolens, Clitocybe suavis, Clitocybe subalpina, Clitocybe subalutacea, Clitocybe subbulbipes, Clitocybe subcandicans, Clitocybe subcandicans, Clitocybe subcanescens, Clitocybe subclavata, Clitocybe subclavipes, Clitocybe subconcava, Clitocybe subconnexa, Clitocybe subcordispora, Clitocybe subcyathiformis, Clitocybe subdecastes, Clitocybe subdicolor, Clitocybe subdiscolor, Clitocybe subditopoda, Clitocybe subdryadicola, Clitocybe subeccentrica, Clitocybe subfellea, Clitocybe subfestiva, Clitocybe subflexuosa, Clitocybe subfrumentacea, Clitocybe subfumosa, Clitocybe subfumosipes, Clitocybe subgen. Clitocybe, Clitocybe subgen. Lepista, Clitocybe subgen. Pseudo-lyophyllum, Clitocybe subgen. Pseudolyophyllum, Clitocybe subgen. Singerocybe, Clitocybe subgilva, Clitocybe subhirta, Clitocybe subhygrophana, Clitocybe subhygrophanoides, Clitocybe subilludens, Clitocybe subinversa, Clitocybe subinvoluta, Clitocybe sublaccata, Clitocybe sublateritia, Clitocybe subleptoloma, Clitocybe sublilacina, Clitocybe sublutea, Clitocybe submarmorea, Clitocybe submedia, Clitocybe subnigricans, Clitocybe subnimbata, Clitocybe subnitens, Clitocybe subodorifica, Clitocybe subpellucida, Clitocybe subpinophila, Clitocybe subsalmonea, Clitocybe subscandens, Clitocybe subscyphoides, Clitocybe subsect. Clitocybe, Clitocybe subsect. Cyathiformes, Clitocybe subsericella, Clitocybe subsimilis, Clitocybe subsinopica, Clitocybe subsocialis, Clitocybe subspadicea, Clitocybe subsplendens, Clitocybe subsquamata, Clitocybe subsquamosa, Clitocybe subsquamulosa, Clitocybe subtilis, Clitocybe subtruncicola, Clitocybe subulifera, Clitocybe subvelosa, Clitocybe subviscifera, Clitocybe sudorifica, Clitocybe sulcata, Clitocybe sulphurea, Clitocybe tabescens, Clitocybe tarda, Clitocybe tehuelches, Clitocybe tembelingensis, Clitocybe tenebricosa, Clitocybe tenerrima, Clitocybe tenuissima, Clitocybe testaceoflava, Clitocybe texensis, Clitocybe thiersii, Clitocybe thuilensis, Clitocybe thujana, Clitocybe tigrina, Clitocybe tornata, Clitocybe torrendii, Clitocybe tortilis, Clitocybe tortipes, Clitocybe totmoda, Clitocybe tournefortiae, Clitocybe toxica, Clitocybe tremens, Clitocybe tricolor, Clitocybe trigonospora, Clitocybe trogii, Clitocybe trogioides, Clitocybe troyana, Clitocybe trullaeformis, Clitocybe trulliformis, Clitocybe trullisata, Clitocybe truncicola, Clitocybe tuba, Clitocybe tubaeformis, Clitocybe tuberaster, Clitocybe tucala, Clitocybe tumidosa, Clitocybe tumulosa, Clitocybe tungurahuae, Clitocybe turmaria, Clitocybe tyrianthina, Clitocybe ulmicola, Clitocybe umbellifera, Clitocybe umbilicata, Clitocybe umbonata, Clitocybe umbrina, Clitocybe umbriniceps, Clitocybe umbrinipes, Clitocybe umbrino-purpurascens, Clitocybe umbrinomarginata, Clitocybe umbrinopurpurascens, Clitocybe undulata, Clitocybe ustulata, Clitocybe utahensis, Clitocybe vaga, Clitocybe var. gibba, Clitocybe variabilicolor, Clitocybe variabilis, Clitocybe variispora, Clitocybe varispora, Clitocybe varispora, Clitocybe vasilievae, Clitocybe vasiljevae, Clitocybe velenovskyi, Clitocybe velenovskyi, Clitocybe venenata, Clitocybe veneris, Clitocybe venosa, Clitocybe ventosa, Clitocybe ventricosa, Clitocybe venustissima, Clitocybe vermicularis, Clitocybe verna, Clitocybe vernicosa, Clitocybe vernifera, Clitocybe verrucifera, Clitocybe verrucipilea, Clitocybe verruculosa, Clitocybe vespertilio, Clitocybe vialis, Clitocybe vibecina, Clitocybe vibecina var. pseudoobbata, Clitocybe vibecina var. pseudoobbata, Clitocybe vicinalis, Clitocybe vilescens, Clitocybe vilis, Clitocybe vinosa, Clitocybe vinosofusca, Clitocybe violaceifolia, Clitocybe virens, Clitocybe virgata, Clitocybe viridis, Clitocybe viridis, Clitocybe viscosa, Clitocybe vittatipes, Clitocybe volkertii, Clitocybe vulgaris, Clitocybe vulpecula, Clitocybe washingtonensis, Clitocybe watsonii, Clitocybe wellingtonensis, Clitocybe wellsii, Clitocybe westii, Clitocybe whetstonae, Clitocybe whetstoneae, Clitocybe wielandii, Clitocybe williamii, Clitocybe winterhoffii, Clitocybe wutaishanensis, Clitocybe xanthophylla, Clitocybe xanthophylla, Clitocybe ziziphina, Clitocybe zizyphina, Clitocybe zygophylla
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