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General information

 Summary:Tylopilus P. Karst., Revue Mycologique Toulouse 3 (9): 16 (1881) [MB#18700] 
 Synonymy:≡Rhodoporus Quél. ex Bataille, Bulletin de la Société d'Histoire Naturelle du Doubs 15: 31 (1908) [MB#25427]
=Rhodobolites Beck, Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde 2 (7): 147 (1923) [MB#18464]
=Leucogyroporus Snell, Mycologia 34: 408 (1942) [MB#17965]
 MycoBank #:18700 
 Authors:P. Karsten
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Karst.
 Page #:16
 Year of publication:1881

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Tylopilus acutesquamosus, Tylopilus alboater, Tylopilus albofarinaceus, Tylopilus alkalixanthus, Tylopilus alpinus, Tylopilus alutaceo-umbrinus, Tylopilus alutaceoumbrinus, Tylopilus alutarius, Tylopilus alutarius, Tylopilus ammiratii, Tylopilus appalachiensis, Tylopilus aquarius, Tylopilus arenarius, Tylopilus areolatus, Tylopilus areolatus, Tylopilus areolatus, Tylopilus argillaceus, Tylopilus atratus, Tylopilus atrobrunneus, Tylopilus atronicotianus, Tylopilus atroviolaceobrunneus, Tylopilus austrofelleus, Tylopilus badiceps, Tylopilus balloui, Tylopilus ballouii, Tylopilus beelii, Tylopilus brachypus, Tylopilus brevisporus, Tylopilus brunneirubens, Tylopilus brunneus, Tylopilus bulbosus, Tylopilus cartagoensis, Tylopilus castaneiceps, Tylopilus castanoides, Tylopilus cellulosus, Tylopilus chlorinosmus, Tylopilus chromapes, Tylopilus chromipes, Tylopilus chromoreticulatus, Tylopilus coccineinanus, Tylopilus conicus, Tylopilus conspicuocystidiata, Tylopilus corneri, Tylopilus costaricensis, Tylopilus cyaneocinctus, Tylopilus cyaneotinctus, Tylopilus cyanescens, Tylopilus cyanogranulifer, Tylopilus dunensis, Tylopilus exiguus, Tylopilus eximius, Tylopilus felleus, Tylopilus ferrugineus, Tylopilus ferrugineus, Tylopilus formosus, Tylopilus fuligineoviolaceus, Tylopilus fumosipes, Tylopilus funerarius, Tylopilus fuscescens, Tylopilus fuscobrunneus, Tylopilus gastromycetoides, Tylopilus gomezii, Tylopilus gracilis, Tylopilus griseocarneus, Tylopilus guanacastensis, Tylopilus hondurensis, Tylopilus hongoi, Tylopilus humilis, Tylopilus indecisus, Tylopilus intermedius, Tylopilus isabellescens, Tylopilus jalapensis, Tylopilus javanicus, Tylopilus leucomycelinus, Tylopilus lividobrunneus, Tylopilus louisii, Tylopilus microsporus, Tylopilus minor, Tylopilus mitissimus, Tylopilus mollis, Tylopilus montanus, Tylopilus montoyae, Tylopilus montoyai, Tylopilus nanus, Tylopilus nebulosus, Tylopilus neofelleus, Tylopilus nicaraguensis, Tylopilus niger, Tylopilus nigerrimus, Tylopilus nigricans, Tylopilus nigropurpureus, Tylopilus nigropurpureus, Tylopilus niveus, Tylopilus obscureviolaceus, Tylopilus obscurus, Tylopilus ochraceosquamosus, Tylopilus olivaceoporus, Tylopilus oradivensis, Tylopilus orsonianus, Tylopilus otsuensis, Tylopilus pachycephalus, Tylopilus pacificus, Tylopilus pakaraimensis, Tylopilus palumanus, Tylopilus parachromapes, Tylopilus peralbidus, Tylopilus pernanus, Tylopilus perplexus, Tylopilus piniphilus, Tylopilus pinophilus, Tylopilus pisciodorus, Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceoides, Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceus, Tylopilus porphyrosporus, Tylopilus potamogeton, Tylopilus praeanisatus, Tylopilus propriorichromapes, Tylopilus pseudoscaber, Tylopilus pumilus, Tylopilus punctatofumosus, Tylopilus pygmaeus, Tylopilus queenslandianus, Tylopilus rhoadsiae, Tylopilus rhodoconius, Tylopilus rigens, Tylopilus roseolus, Tylopilus roseus, Tylopilus rubrobrunneus, Tylopilus rufonigricans, Tylopilus rugulosoreticulatus, Tylopilus sanctae-rosae, Tylopilus sect. Aurantiocarneus, Tylopilus sect. Chlorinosmus, Tylopilus sect. Tylopilus, Tylopilus shaukatii, Tylopilus sinicus, Tylopilus snellii, Tylopilus sordidus, Tylopilus sphagnorum, Tylopilus striatulus, Tylopilus suavissimus, Tylopilus subcellulosus, Tylopilus subchromapes, Tylopilus subflavidus, Tylopilus subfusipes, Tylopilus subniger, Tylopilus subpunctipes, Tylopilus subunicolor, Tylopilus subvinaceipallidus, Tylopilus sultanii, Tylopilus tabacinus, Tylopilus temucensis, Tylopilus tenuis, Tylopilus umbrosus, Tylopilus valens, Tylopilus variobrunneus, Tylopilus velatus, Tylopilus veluticeps, Tylopilus venezuelae, Tylopilus vinaceipallidus, Tylopilus vinaceogriseus, Tylopilus vinosobrunneus, Tylopilus violaceobrunneus, Tylopilus violaceus, Tylopilus violatinctus, Tylopilus virens, Tylopilus virens, Tylopilus virescens, Tylopilus viscidichromapes, Tylopilus williamsii, Tylopilus zambianus
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