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General information

 Summary:Hypocrea Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 104 (1825) [MB#2432] 
 MycoBank #:2432 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:104
 Year of publication:1825
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Hypocrea acaciae, Hypocrea aeruginea, Hypocrea africana, Hypocrea agaves, Hypocrea alba, Hypocrea albida, Hypocrea albocitrina, Hypocrea albocornea, Hypocrea alboflava, Hypocrea albofulva, Hypocrea albolutescens, Hypocrea albomedullosa, Hypocrea alcalifuscescens, Hypocrea alni, Hypocrea alutacea, Hypocrea amazonica, Hypocrea ambigua, Hypocrea americana, Hypocrea ampulliformis, Hypocrea andinensis, Hypocrea andinogelatinosa, Hypocrea apiculata, Hypocrea argentinensis, Hypocrea argillacea, Hypocrea armata, Hypocrea armeniaca, Hypocrea armeniacea, Hypocrea artocreas, Hypocrea ascoboloides, Hypocrea asperella, Hypocrea atlantica, Hypocrea atra, Hypocrea atramentosa, Hypocrea atrata, Hypocrea atrofusca, Hypocrea atrogelatinosa, Hypocrea atrovirens, Hypocrea atroviridis, Hypocrea auranteffusa, Hypocrea aurantia, Hypocrea aurantiaca, Hypocrea aurantiistroma, Hypocrea aurantiocervina, Hypocrea aurantioeffusa, Hypocrea aurantiolutea, Hypocrea aureoviridis, Hypocrea austriaca, Hypocrea austrograndis, Hypocrea austrokoningii, Hypocrea avellanea, Hypocrea bambusae, Hypocrea bambusae, Hypocrea bambusella, Hypocrea bavarica, Hypocrea berggrenii, Hypocrea bicolor, Hypocrea bogoriensis, Hypocrea borneensis, Hypocrea brachycaulis, Hypocrea brevipes, Hypocrea britdaniae, Hypocrea bromeliicola, Hypocrea brunnea, Hypocrea brunneolutea, Hypocrea brunneoviridis, Hypocrea buteae, Hypocrea caerulescens, Hypocrea calamagrostidis, Hypocrea candida, Hypocrea capitata, Hypocrea capularis, Hypocrea caquetensis, Hypocrea caribbaea, Hypocrea carnea, Hypocrea carteri, Hypocrea castanea, Hypocrea catoptron, Hypocrea centri-sterilis, Hypocrea ceracea, Hypocrea ceramica, Hypocrea cerebriformis, Hypocrea cerebriformis, Hypocrea cervina, Hypocrea cesatiana, Hypocrea chionea, Hypocrea chlorina, Hypocrea chlorospora, Hypocrea chlorostoma, Hypocrea chromosperma, Hypocrea chrysofulva, Hypocrea chrysostigma, Hypocrea cincta, Hypocrea cinereoflava, Hypocrea cinnamomea, Hypocrea citrina, Hypocrea citrina, Hypocrea citrinella, Hypocrea clusiae, Hypocrea colensoi, Hypocrea colliculosa, Hypocrea confusa, Hypocrea conispora, Hypocrea consimilis, Hypocrea contorta, Hypocrea coprosma, Hypocrea coprosmae, Hypocrea cordyceps, Hypocrea cordyceps, Hypocrea cornea, Hypocrea cornu-damae, Hypocrea corrugata, Hypocrea corticicola, Hypocrea corticiicola, Hypocrea corticioides, Hypocrea corticioides, Hypocrea corticioides, Hypocrea corticola, Hypocrea costaricensis, Hypocrea crassa, Hypocrea cremea, Hypocrea crenulatum, Hypocrea crustalina, Hypocrea crystalligena, Hypocrea cubispora, Hypocrea cuneispora, Hypocrea cupularis, Hypocrea cupularis, Hypocrea cyperacearum, Hypocrea dacrymycella, Hypocrea daisenensis, Hypocrea danica, Hypocrea decipiens, Hypocrea deformans, Hypocrea degenerans, Hypocrea delicatula, Hypocrea dendrocalamae, Hypocrea dendrocalami, Hypocrea deplanata, Hypocrea dichromospora, Hypocrea digitata, Hypocrea dingleyae, Hypocrea dipterobia, Hypocrea discella, Hypocrea discelloides, Hypocrea discoidea, Hypocrea discolor, Hypocrea dorotheae, Hypocrea eberhardtii, Hypocrea echinospora, Hypocrea egmontensis, Hypocrea eichleriana, Hypocrea enteromorpha, Hypocrea eperuae, Hypocrea epimyces, Hypocrea epiphylla, Hypocrea estonica, Hypocrea eucorticioides, Hypocrea euphorbiae, Hypocrea extensa, Hypocrea f. tuberculariformis, Hypocrea farinosa, Hypocrea fendleri, Hypocrea fibula, Hypocrea flava, Hypocrea flaviconidia, Hypocrea flavidula, Hypocrea flavomarginata, Hypocrea flavominiata, Hypocrea flavovirens, Hypocrea floccosa, Hypocrea foliicola, Hypocrea fomiticola, Hypocrea fomitopsis, Hypocrea fragarioides, Hypocrea fulva, Hypocrea fulva, Hypocrea fulviseda, Hypocrea fungicola, Hypocrea fusca, Hypocrea fusigera, Hypocrea galeottiana, Hypocrea gelatinoperidia, Hypocrea gelatinosa, Hypocrea gelatinosus, Hypocrea gigantea, Hypocrea gigantea, Hypocrea gigantea, Hypocrea glaucescens, Hypocrea glaziovii, Hypocrea grandis, Hypocrea grevilleae, Hypocrea grisea, Hypocrea grossa, Hypocrea gyrosa, Hypocrea haematoplaca, Hypocrea hemisphaerica, Hypocrea hirsuta, Hypocrea hispanica, Hypocrea hunua, Hypocrea hyalina, Hypocrea hypomycella, Hypocrea hypoxyloides, Hypocrea hypoxylon, Hypocrea ibicuyensis, Hypocrea impressa, Hypocrea incarnata, Hypocrea inclusa, Hypocrea insignis, Hypocrea intermedia, Hypocrea intricata, Hypocrea ishigakiensis, Hypocrea japonica, Hypocrea jecorina, Hypocrea junci, Hypocrea karsteniana, Hypocrea koningii, Hypocrea koningiopsis, Hypocrea lactea, Hypocrea lacuwombatensis, Hypocrea laetior, Hypocrea larvata, Hypocrea lateritia, Hypocrea latizonata, Hypocrea lenta, Hypocrea lentiformis, Hypocrea leptogiicola, Hypocrea leucopus, Hypocrea lixii, Hypocrea lloydii, Hypocrea longicollis, Hypocrea longipilosa, Hypocrea lutea, Hypocrea luteffusa, Hypocrea luteo-virens, Hypocrea luteocrystallina, Hypocrea luteoeffusa, Hypocrea luteovirens, Hypocrea luteovirens, Hypocrea lycogalae, Hypocrea macrospora, Hypocrea maculaeformis, Hypocrea maculiformis, Hypocrea manuka, Hypocrea margaretensis, Hypocrea megalocitrina, Hypocrea megalosulphurea, Hypocrea melaleuca, Hypocrea melanaspis, Hypocrea melanomagna, Hypocrea mellea, Hypocrea mellea, Hypocrea membranacea, Hypocrea membranacea, Hypocrea mesenterica, Hypocrea microcitrina, Hypocrea microrufa, Hypocrea microsplendens, Hypocrea microsulfurea, Hypocrea mikurajimensis, Hypocrea minima, Hypocrea minutispora, Hypocrea moliniae, Hypocrea molliuscula, Hypocrea moravica, Hypocrea moriformis, Hypocrea multiformis, Hypocrea multiformis, Hypocrea munkii, Hypocrea muroiana, Hypocrea myrmecophila, Hypocrea nebulosa, Hypocrea neilgherrensis, Hypocrea neorufa, Hypocrea neorufoides, Hypocrea nephidium, Hypocrea nigricans, Hypocrea nigrovirens, Hypocrea niphidium, Hypocrea novae-zealandica, Hypocrea novae-zelandiae, Hypocrea novae-zelandica, Hypocrea novaezelandiae, Hypocrea novoguineensis, Hypocrea novozealandica, Hypocrea nybergiana, Hypocrea nymani, Hypocrea oblita, Hypocrea ochracea, Hypocrea ochroleuca, Hypocrea oligotheca, Hypocrea olivacea, Hypocrea orientalis, Hypocrea ovulispora, Hypocrea pachybasioides, Hypocrea pachypallida, Hypocrea pallida, Hypocrea palmae, Hypocrea palmicola, Hypocrea papyracea, Hypocrea paraguayensis, Hypocrea parapilulifera, Hypocrea parasitans, Hypocrea parepimyces, Hypocrea parestonica, Hypocrea parmastoi, Hypocrea parmelioides, Hypocrea patella, Hypocrea peltata, Hypocrea perpusilla, Hypocrea peruviana, Hypocrea petchii, Hypocrea petersenii, Hypocrea petersii, Hypocrea pezizaeformis, Hypocrea peziziformis, Hypocrea pezizoidea, Hypocrea pezizoides, Hypocrea phellinicola, Hypocrea phyllogena, Hypocrea phyllostachydis, Hypocrea pilulifera, Hypocrea placentula, Hypocrea platensis, Hypocrea platypulvinata, Hypocrea pocula, Hypocrea polyporoidea, Hypocrea porioidea, Hypocrea poronioidea, Hypocrea protocitrina, Hypocrea protocitrinoides, Hypocrea protopeltata, Hypocrea protopulvinata, Hypocrea pseudogelatinosa, Hypocrea pseudokoningii, Hypocrea pseudonigricans, Hypocrea pseudostraminea, Hypocrea psychrophila, Hypocrea puiggariana, Hypocrea puiggarii, Hypocrea pulchella, Hypocrea pulchra, Hypocrea pulvinata, Hypocrea purpureosplendens, Hypocrea radhanagarensis, Hypocrea ravenelii, Hypocrea repanda, Hypocrea rhizinaeformis, Hypocrea rhiziniformis, Hypocrea rhizophila, Hypocrea rhizophilus, Hypocrea rhododendri, Hypocrea rhytidospora, Hypocrea riccioidea, Hypocrea richardsoni, Hypocrea richardsonii, Hypocrea richardsonii, Hypocrea rickii, Hypocrea rigens, Hypocrea rodmanii, Hypocrea rogersonii, Hypocrea rosea, Hypocrea rubronigrescens, Hypocrea rufa, Hypocrea rufoalutacea, Hypocrea rugulosa, Hypocrea saccharalis, Hypocrea sacchari, Hypocrea saccharina, Hypocrea saccharina, Hypocrea sagamiensis, Hypocrea sambuci, Hypocrea schweinitzii, Hypocrea schweinizii, Hypocrea sclerodermatis, Hypocrea scutata, Hypocrea scutellaeformis, Hypocrea scutelliformis, Hypocrea scutelliformis, Hypocrea sect. Hypocrea, Hypocrea sect. Nectria, Hypocrea semiamplexa, Hypocrea semiorbis, Hypocrea seppoi, Hypocrea silvae-virgineae, Hypocrea simplicissima, Hypocrea sinuosa, Hypocrea solenostoma, Hypocrea solida, Hypocrea solmsii, Hypocrea sphaeroidea, Hypocrea spinulosa, Hypocrea splendens, Hypocrea stellata, Hypocrea stereorum, Hypocrea sterilior, Hypocrea stilbohypoxyli, Hypocrea stipata, Hypocrea straminea, Hypocrea straminea, Hypocrea straminella, Hypocrea strictipilosa, Hypocrea strobilina, Hypocrea stromatica, Hypocrea subalbocornea, Hypocrea subalpina, Hypocrea subatrogelatinosa, Hypocrea subcarnea, Hypocrea subcitrina, Hypocrea subeffusa, Hypocrea subflavominiata, Hypocrea subgen. Battarrina, Hypocrea subgen. Clintoniella, Hypocrea subgen. Hypocrea, Hypocrea subgen. Hypomyces, Hypocrea subgen. Podocrea, Hypocrea subiculata, Hypocrea sublibera, Hypocrea sublobata, Hypocrea sublutea, Hypocrea subpachybasioides, Hypocrea subpurpurea, Hypocrea subrufa, Hypocrea subsplendens, Hypocrea substipitata, Hypocrea subsulphurea, Hypocrea subtrachycarpa, Hypocrea subvinosa, Hypocrea subviridis, Hypocrea succinea, Hypocrea sulawesensis, Hypocrea sulfurea, Hypocrea sulfurella, Hypocrea sulphurea, Hypocrea sumatrana, Hypocrea surrotunda, Hypocrea tangensis, Hypocrea tawa, Hypocrea tenerrima, Hypocrea tenuiextensa, Hypocrea thailandica, Hypocrea thelephoricola, Hypocrea thuemenelloides, Hypocrea thuemenellosulphurea, Hypocrea tomentosa, Hypocrea toro, Hypocrea trachycarpa, Hypocrea tremellicola, Hypocrea tremelloides, Hypocrea tropicosinensis, Hypocrea truncata, Hypocrea tuberculariformis, Hypocrea tuberculata, Hypocrea tuberiformis, Hypocrea tuberosa, Hypocrea turbinata, Hypocrea typhina, Hypocrea umbilicata, Hypocrea umbrina, Hypocrea undulata, Hypocrea ustilaginoides, Hypocrea ustulinoides, Hypocrea valdunensis, Hypocrea variabilis, Hypocrea velenovskyi, Hypocrea victoriensis, Hypocrea vinosa, Hypocrea vinosa, Hypocrea virens, Hypocrea virescentiflava, Hypocrea virginiensis, Hypocrea viridans, Hypocrea viridescens, Hypocrea viridirufa, Hypocrea viscidula, Hypocrea vitalbae, Hypocrea vittata, Hypocrea voglmayrii, Hypocrea xanthovirens, Hypocrea xylariicola, Hypocrea xylarioides, Hypocrea yasudae
 Type name:
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 Type of organism:? 



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