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General information

 Summary:Calvatia Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 442 (1849) [MB#19051] 
 MycoBank #:19051 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:442
 Year of publication:1849
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
105 Associated records (click to hide):
Calvatia agaricoides, Calvatia ahmadii, Calvatia aniodina, Calvatia arctica, Calvatia argentea, Calvatia bellii, Calvatia bicolor, Calvatia boninensis, Calvatia booniana, Calvatia borealis, Calvatia bovista, Calvatia caelata, Calvatia candida, Calvatia capensis, Calvatia cisneroi, Calvatia complutensis, Calvatia connivens, Calvatia craniiformis, Calvatia craniiformis, Calvatia cretacea, Calvatia cruciata, Calvatia crucibulum, Calvatia cyathiformis, Calvatia defodiodis, Calvatia defodioidis, Calvatia depressa, Calvatia diguetii, Calvatia excipuliformis, Calvatia fenzlii, Calvatia flava, Calvatia fragilis, Calvatia friabilis, Calvatia fulvida, Calvatia fumosa, Calvatia fusca, Calvatia gardneri, Calvatia gautieroides, Calvatia gigantea, Calvatia guzmanii, Calvatia hesperia, Calvatia holothurioides, Calvatia horrida, Calvatia hungarica, Calvatia incerta, Calvatia kakavu, Calvatia lacerata, Calvatia lachnoderma, Calvatia leiospora, Calvatia lejospora, Calvatia lepidophora, Calvatia lilacina, Calvatia lloydii, Calvatia lycoperdoides, Calvatia lycoperdoides, Calvatia macrogemmae, Calvatia maxima, Calvatia natarajanii, Calvatia nipponica, Calvatia nipponica, Calvatia nodulata, Calvatia oblongispora, Calvatia ochrogleba, Calvatia olba, Calvatia olivacea, Calvatia owyheensis, Calvatia pachydera, Calvatia pachyderma, Calvatia pachydermica, Calvatia pallida, Calvatia paludosa, Calvatia paradoxa, Calvatia pilula, Calvatia polygonia, Calvatia primitiva, Calvatia pseudolilacina, Calvatia purpurea, Calvatia pygmaea, Calvatia pyriformis, Calvatia rosacea, Calvatia rubroflava, Calvatia rubrotincta, Calvatia rugosa, Calvatia saccata, Calvatia sculpta, Calvatia sect. Calvatia, Calvatia sect. Handkea, Calvatia septentrionalis, Calvatia sporocristata, Calvatia subcretacea, Calvatia subgen. Calvatia, Calvatia subgen. Hippoperdon, Calvatia subgen. Langermannia, Calvatia subpratensis, Calvatia subtomentosa, Calvatia tatrensis, Calvatia tropicalis, Calvatia turneri, Calvatia umbrina, Calvatia utriformis, Calvatia verrucosa, Calvatia verrucosia, Calvatia versipora, Calvatia versispora, Calvatia vinosa, Calvatia violascens
 Type name:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:

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