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Title:Notes on two coprinoid fungi (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) from the Brazilian semiarid region 
Authors:Gomes, ARP; Wartchow, F 
First page:285 
Last page:295 
Keywords:Agaricomycetes Agaricomycetidae Coprinopsis Neotropics Parasola systematic taxonomy 
Abstract:Coprinellus phaeoxanthus A.R.Gomes & Wartchow is described as a new species and is characterised by cordiform basidiospores similar to those of the recently described Coprinellus arenicola. However, it differs in the presence of voluminous pleurocystidia in the velar elements, which are shorter than in Coprinellus arenicola, and in the lack of clamp connections. In addition, exsiccatae of a Brazilian collection identified as ‘Coprinus xerophilus’ are analysed, and because of the star-shaped velar patch on the pileus and the non-volvate stipe base, it is considered to be the same as Coprinus calyptratus, representing a new record from South America. 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Gomes, ARP; Wartchow, F. 2018. Notes on two coprinoid fungi (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) from the Brazilian semiarid region. Edinburgh Journal of Botany. 75(3):285-295