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Title:Five new species of Graphidaceae (Ascomycota, Ostropales) from Thailand 
Authors:Naksuwankul, K; Kraichak, E; Parnmen, S; Lücking, R; Lumbsch, HT 
First page:47 
Last page:63 
Keywords:Graphidaceae, lichens, new species, Thailand, taxonomy, tropical diversity 
Abstract:Five new species of Graphidaceae are described from Thailand. Molecular evidence and phenotypical characters support their independent status from related and similar species. Glaucotrema thailandicum Naksuwankul, Lücking & Lumbsch is unique within the genus in having submuriform ascospores. Ocellularia klinhomii Naksuwankul, Lücking & Lumbsch is characterized by having a whitish gray, rimose thallus with ascomata in verrucae and surrounded by a black ring and lack of secondary metabolites. Ocellularia phatamensis Naksuwankul, Parnmen & Lumbsch has a grayish, thick and rimose thallus, differing from O. klinhomii in lacking a dark apothecial rim and having ascomata that are not immersed in verrucae. Ocellularia siamensis Naksuwankul, Kraichak & Lumbsch differs from O. albocincta in lacking a columella. Ocellularia rotundofumosa Naksuwankul, Lücking & Lumbsch differs from O. fumosa in having ascospores with rounded ends. An epitype for O. kratingensis is selected. 
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Summary:Naksuwankul, K; Kraichak, E; Parnmen, S; Lücking, R; Lumbsch, HT. 2016. Five new species of Graphidaceae (Ascomycota, Ostropales) from Thailand. Mycokeys. 17:47-63