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Title:Seven new species of Lactarius subg. Lactarius (Russulaceae) from southwestern China 
Authors:Wang, XH 
Editors:M. Wang 
First page:1463 
Last page:1482 
Keywords:ITS, milk‐caps, pileipellis, basidiospores, taxonomy 
Abstract:Seven new species of Lactarius subg. Lactarius are described. These species are representative milk‐caps in the subtropical‐tropical or subalpine forests in southwestern China. Lactarius angustizonatus, L. pallidizonatus, L. pallido‐ochraceus and L. sinozonarius belong to L. subsect. Zonarii, L. subbrevipes to L. subsect. Scrobiculati and L. purpureocastaneus to L. sect. Pallidini. Lactarius brachycystidiatus is tentatively placed in L. sect. Colorati due to the dry scaly pileus and thick hyphae in the pileipellis. Macro‐ and micro‐scopical descriptions, morphological comparisons with their look‐alikes and ITS sequences of these new species are provided. 
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Wang, XH. 2017. Seven new species of Lactarius subg. Lactarius (Russulaceae) from southwestern China. Mycosystema. 36(11):1463-1482