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Title:Fusarium nematophilum spec. nov. – ein neuer Nematoden-assoziierter Pilz 
Authors:Nirenberg, HI; Hagedorn, G 
First page:213 
Last page:216 
Keywords:Fusarium nematophilum, Fusarium humi, Fusarium tumidum, Nectria albida, nematodes, taxonomy 
Abstract:The new species Fusarium nematophilum is described and compared with morphologically similar species of the genus. The species is widely distributed, but relatively rare. A presumably closely related species, Fusarium tumidum var. humi is recombined to F. humi due to lack of relationship with F. tumidum. 
Document type:Article 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Nirenberg, HI; Hagedorn, G. 2008. Fusarium nematophilum spec. nov. – ein neuer Nematoden-assoziierter Pilz. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes. 60(10):213-216