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Title:Elaphroporia ailaoshanensis gen. et sp. nov. in Polyporales (Basidiomycota) 
Authors:Wu, ZQ; Xu, TM; Shen, S; Liu, XF; Luo, KY; Zhao, CL 
First page:81 
Last page:95 
Keywords:Meruliaceae, phylogeny, polypore, taxonomy, wood-inhabiting fungi 
Abstract:A new poroid wood-inhabiting fungal genus, Elaphroporia, typified by E. ailaoshanensis sp. nov., is proposed based on a combination of morphological features and molecular evidence. The genus is characterised by an annual growth habit, resupinate basidiocarps, becoming rigid and light-weight up on drying, a monomitic hyphal system with thick-walled generative hyphae bearing both clamp connections and simple septa, slightly amyloid, CB+ and ellipsoid, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth and IKI–, CB– basidiospores. Sequences of ITS and LSU nrRNA gene regions of the studied samples were generated, and phylogenetic analyses were performed with maximum likelihood, maximum parsimony and bayesian inference methods. The phylogenetic analysis based on molecular data of ITS+nLSU sequences showed that Elaphroporia belonged to the residual polyporoid clade and was closely related to Junghuhnia crustacea. Further investigation was obtained for more representative taxa in the Meruliaceae based on ITS+nLSU sequences, in which the result demonstrated that the genus Elaphroporia formed a monophyletic lineage with a strong support (100 % BS, 100 % BP, 1.00 BPP) and then grouped with Flaviporus and Steccherinum. 
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Summary:Wu, ZQ; Xu, TM; Shen, S; Liu, XF; Luo, KY; Zhao, CL. 2018. Elaphroporia ailaoshanensis gen. et sp. nov. in Polyporales (Basidiomycota). MycoKeys. 29:81-95 
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