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Title:Cantharellus sect. Amethystini in Asia 
Authors:Buyck, B; Antonín, V; Chakraborty, D; Baghela, A; Das, K; Hofstetter, V 
First page:917 
Last page:924 
Publisher:Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie 
Keywords:Phylogeny New species Morphology nucLSU ITS  
Abstract:In this contribution on the genus Cantharellus in Asia, C. subvaginatus is described from the Republic of Korea as a close relative to the Chinese C. vaginatus, which is here reported for the first time from India. Both species are here placed in Cantharellus subg. Cantharellus sect. Amethystini, together with the Indian C. pseudoformosus (syn.: C. umbonatus) and the Malayan C. subamethysteus. As such, Asia has suddenly become the continent with the highest diversity for Amethystini. Species delimitation in sect. Amethystini is molecularly supported by a combined phylogenetic analysis of rDNA sequences obtained for LSU and ITS and additionally suggests the existence of a still undescribed species in North America. Character variability is discussed for all known members of Amethystini, including atypical specimens of the North American C. lewisii that are morphologically more reminiscent of the South Korean C. subvaginatus. 
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Buyck, B; Antonín, V; Chakraborty, D; Baghela, A; Das, K; Hofstetter, V. 2018. Cantharellus sect. Amethystini in Asia. Mycological Progress. 17(8):917-924 
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