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Title:Dentipellis tasmanica sp. nov. (Hericiaceae, Basidiomycota) from Australia 
Authors:Ji, XH; Chen, Q; Gates, G; Du, P 
First page:29 
Last page:38 
Keywords:hydnoid fungi; Russulales; taxonomy; wood-inhabiting fungi 
Abstract:Dentipellis tasmanica sp. nov. is described and illustrated from Tasmania, Australia based on rDNA evi- dence and morphological characters. It is characterised by an annual growth habit; resupinate basidi- ocarps up to 100 cm long; spines cream when fresh and cinnamon when dry, up to 3 mm long and a few glued at tips when dry; distinct white fibrillous to cottony margin; a monomitic hyphal structure with non-amyloid, non-dextrinoid and cyanophilous generative hyphae; the presence of gloeoplerous hyphae and gloeocystidia which become dark blue in Melzer’s reagent; the presence of chlamydospores in the subiculum and rough basidiospores measuring 3.5–4.5 × 2.4–3.2 μm. A molecular study based on the combined ITS (internal transcribed spacer region) and 28S (the large nuclear ribosomal RNA subunit) dataset supports the new species in Dentipellis. A key to species of Dentipellis sensu stricto is provided. 
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Summary:Ji, XH; Chen, Q; Gates, G; Du, P. 2018. Dentipellis tasmanica sp. nov. (Hericiaceae, Basidiomycota) from Australia. Mycokeys. 41:29-38