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Title:Description of three novel Lagenidium (Oomycota) species causing infection in mammals 
Authors:Mendoza, L; Taylor, JW; Walker, ED; Vilela, R 
Last page:83 
Keywords:Lagenidium; Lagenidiosis; Oomycota; Oomycetes; Pythium insidiosum; Peronosporomycetes; Straminipila 
Abstract:Background—Recent molecular phylogenetic analysis of Lagenidium strains recovered from subcutaneous lesions in cats, dogs, and a human with lagenidiosis resolved into four clades, one of them was Lagenidium giganteum, but three others were novel.
Aims—Due to the recent increase in L. giganteum infections from mammals, we studied 21 Lagenidium strains isolated from dogs and a human available in our collection.
Methods—Molecular phylogenetic studies and phenotypic characteristics were used to characterize strains.
Results—We report the finding of three novel species, herein designated as: Lagenidium ajelloi, sp. nov., Lagenidium albertoi sp. nov, and Lagenidium vilelae sp. nov. Their morphological and growth features are also presented.
Conclusions—Our study revealed the presence of three novel Lagenidium species infecting mammals.
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Mendoza, L; Taylor, JW; Walker, ED; Vilela, R. 2016. Description of three novel Lagenidium (Oomycota) species causing infection in mammals. Revista Iberoamericana de Micologia. 33(2)-83