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Title:Two new species of Mycena in Taiwan 
Authors:Chang, CC; Chou, WN 
First page:9 
Last page:17 
Keywords:section Spinosae, section Basipedes, ITS, taxonomy 
Abstract:Mycena diplazii and M. subcyanocephala are proposed as new species, supported by morphological and phylogenetic analyses. The phylogenetic tree inferred from ITS sequences suggests the placement of the new taxa within the genus Mycena. These two new species were found in subtropical Taiwan. Mycena diplazii, a species of section Basipedes inhabiting living stem of Diplazium esculentum, is characterized mainly by a distinct basal disc and forming a pseudocollarium lamellae. Mycena subcyanocephala, a lignicolous species of section Spinosae, is characterized mainly by tomentulose fruitbodies, a white cap with pale blue tone, thin-walled pileiocystidia and caulocystidia, smooth round-headed cheilocystidia, inamyloid basidiospores, and the 2-spored basidia. 
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Chang, CC; Chou, WN. 2019. Two new species of Mycena in Taiwan. Fungal Science. 34(1):9-17 
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