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Title:Three new hygrophilous species of Inocybe, subgenus Inocybe 
Authors:Bandini, D; Oertel, B; Moreau, P-A; Thines, M; Ploch, S 
First page:1101 
Last page:1119 
Publisher:Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie 
Keywords:Agaricales . Inocybaceae . Inocybe . ITS . Molecular systematics . Taxonomy . Type specimens 
Abstract:Inocybe is a cosmopolitan genus of gilled mushrooms with high species diversity in the northern hemisphere. Focusing on moist habitats in Central Europe, several collections could not be assigned to any known species of Inocybe. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that these collections belonged to three phylogenetically distinct lineages. To ensure a correct interpretation of the species identity in comparison with morphologically similar species, an isotype of I. flavobrunnescens, isoparatypes of I. hirculus and I. lacunarum, and a paratype of I. caprimulgi were examined both morphologically and phylogenetically. Sequencing of the lectotype of I. tabacina Furrer-Ziogas designated in this manuscript failed, but other collections unequivocally belonging to the same species could be included in molecular phylogenies. As a result of molecular phylogenetic and morphological analyses, three new hygrophilous species of the genus Inocybe, subgenus Inocybe, are described: one smooth-spored, I. botaurina, and two nodulose-spored, I. bombina and I. undinea. 
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Summary:Bandini, D; Oertel, B; Moreau, P-A; Thines, M; Ploch, S. 2019. Three new hygrophilous species of Inocybe, subgenus Inocybe. Mycological Progress. 18(9):1101-1119