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Title:Achroceratosphaeria, a new genus for freshwater and terrestrial fungi (Ascomycetes) 
Authors:Réblová, M.; Fournier, J.; Hyde, K.D. 
First page:75 
Last page:84 
Abstract:A new ascomycete genus, Achroceratosphaeria, is described for three lignicolous species from freshwater and terrestrial habitats in Europe and Asia on the basis of morphological and cultivation studies and ncLSU and ncSSU sequence data. The new fungal genus is characterized by minute, hyaline or subhyaline to pale brown perithecia immersed in the substratum with hyaline to subhyaline emerging necks, persistent paraphyses, cylindrical-clavate asci with a distinct apical annulus and hyaline, smooth-walled ascospores ranging from ellipsoidal to fusiform to cylindrical-fusiform without any mucilaginous sheaths or appendages. All three species were obtained after incubation in a moist chamber culture. Achroceratosphaeria resembles Ceratosphaeria or Clohiesia in perithecium and ascospore morphology but molecular data do not support these relationships. In our SSU rDNA phylogeny, a relationship of Achroceratosphaeria with fungi accommodated in the Lulworthiales and the Koralionastetales was confirmed. In the LSU rDNA phylogeny, the new genus resides on a basal position in the phylogenetic tree without closer relationship with other sampled unitunicate ascomycetes. Ceratosphaeria incolorata is transferred to Achroceratosphaeria and a new combination is proposed. A key to the species accepted in Achroceratosphaeria is provided. 
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Summary:Réblová, M.; Fournier, J.; Hyde, K.D. 2010. Achroceratosphaeria, a new genus for freshwater and terrestrial fungi (Ascomycetes). Fungal Diversity. 43:75-84