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Title:Fusarium burgessii sp. nov. representing a novel lineage in the genus Fusarium 
Authors:Laurence, M.H.; Summerell, B.A.; Burgess, L.W.; Liew, E.C.Y. 
First page:101 
Last page:112 
Abstract:A new species of Fusarium associated with Australian soils in non-cultivated ecosystems is described as Fusarium burgessii using morphological and phylogenetic data. Isolates recovered from biogeographical surveys over 26 years were selected for morphological examination. Two distinct morphotypes with morphological affinities to the Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium redolens and Gibberella fujikuroi species complexes were observed. Phylogenetic resolution based on the translation elongation factor1a (EF-1a) and the second largest subunit of RNA polymerase II gene (RPB2) separated the two morphotypes into novel phylogenetic Fusarium species, with one morphotype being assigned the species epithet Fusarium burgessii sp. nov.. Phylogenetic analysis of the RPB2 locus with representatives of all the major Fusarium species complexes provides evidence that F. burgessii is part of a unique monophyletic lineage of species in the genus Fusarium. 
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Laurence, M.H.; Summerell, B.A.; Burgess, L.W.; Liew, E.C.Y. 2011. Fusarium burgessii sp. nov. representing a novel lineage in the genus Fusarium. Fungal Diversity. 49:101-112