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Title:The genus Inocybe in Thailand and Malaysia 
Authors:Horak, E; Matheny, PB; Desjardin, DE; Soytong, K 
First page:201 
Last page:238 
Keywords:Inocybaceae, phylogenetics, Southeast Asia, systematics, taxonomy 
Abstract:Twenty-four species of Inocybaceae are reported from Thailand and Malaysia. Thirteen are described as new from four different major clades of the family: one from the Mallocybe clade, two from the Inosperma clade, one from Pseudosperma clade, and nine from Inocybe sensu stricto. 19 species are documented in full. Five additional lineages are depicted in a molecular phylogenetic context but at present lack sufficient morphological data for complete description. Illustrations of anatomical features, photographs of basidiomata, and SEM images of basidiospores are presented. A key to 19 species of Inocybaceae from Thailand and Malaysia is provided. 
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Summary:Horak, E; Matheny, PB; Desjardin, DE; Soytong, K. 2015. The genus Inocybe in Thailand and Malaysia. Phytotaxa. 230(3):201-238