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Title:Éléments pour une monographie des Russules de l’Argonne ardennaise 
Authors:Frund, C.; Reumaux, P. 
Publisher:FMBDS, Sevrier 
Abstract:This paper is a critical study of the interpretations given to some species of « high antiquity »: R. rosea Quél., R. aurora Krombh., R. velutipes Velen. (sub-section Roseineae Singer), to rare taxa: R. carnicolor Bres., R. zvarae Velen., to a ghost species, R. erubescens Zvára (sub-section Lilaceineae Melzer & Zvára), and, at the same time, in sub-section Lepidineae Melzer & Zvára, the rehabilitation of numerous varieties of R. lepida Fr. Furthermore, some new species and varieties found in the north-east of France are created 
Document type:Book 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Frund, C.; Reumaux, P. 2011. Éléments pour une monographie des Russules de l’Argonne ardennaise.