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Title:Auxarthronopsis, a new genus of Onygenales isolated from the vicinity of Bandhavgarh National Park, India 
Authors:Sharma, R.; Gräser, Y.; Singh, S.K. 
First page:89 
Last page:102 
Publisher:Springer, USA 
Abstract:Isolation of an Onygenalean fungus was done from soil collected from a hollow tree in the vicinity of Bandhavgarh National park, a tiger reserve situated in central India. The fungus was isolated by hair-baiting technique using horse hair as the substrate. The characteristic reticuloperidial ascomata forming fungus was subjected to morphological, cultural and phylogenetic studies. The keratinophilic nature associated with a Malbranchea-like anamorph, appendaged mesh-like reticuloperidia and subglobose to oblate punctuate ascospores help us to accommodate it in Onygenaceae. Pale cream ascomata, punctuate ascospores and swollen septa in peridial hyphae suggest that it is a species of Auxarthron. However, phylogenetic study using LSU, SSU and ITS sequences does not allow us to place it within Auxarthron and therefore a new genus Auxarthronopsis is proposed to accommodate this new fungus. Also species of Auxarthron never form more than three swollen septa on its peridial appendages. The characteristic feature of this new taxon is the presence of typical multiple (more than 10) swollen septa on its peridial appendages of its reticulate loose mesh-like peridium, itÂ’s finely and regularly punctuate ascospores and an anamorph with arthro- and aleurioconidia. Sequence analysis of internal transcribed spacer (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2), small subunit (SSU) and large subunit (LSU) region separates this fungus from monophyletic Auxarthron and other taxa bearing some morphological similarity. Phylogenetically A. bandhavgarhensis is closer to Amauroascus purpureus, A. volatilis-patellis, Nannizziopsis albicans and Renispora flavissima but differs from them morphologically. The sequence analysis of different rDNA regions suggests that Auxarthron and Auxarthronopsis have common evolution origin. 
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Summary:Sharma, R.; Gräser, Y.; Singh, S.K. 2013. Auxarthronopsis, a new genus of Onygenales isolated from the vicinity of Bandhavgarh National Park, India. IMA Fungus. 4(1):89-102 
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