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Title:Les Entolomes blancs de Nouvelle-Calédonie 
Authors:Eyssartier, G.; Ducousso, M.; Buyck, B. 
Volume:127 (1-2) 
First page:81 
Last page:98 
Abstract:The authors propose a review of the New Caledonian white Entoloma and a key for their identification. Three new species are described and their systematic position discussed. A fourth species of Entoloma having more complex spores is provisionally described. 
Document type:Article 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Eyssartier, G.; Ducousso, M.; Buyck, B. 2012. Les Entolomes blancs de Nouvelle-Calédonie. Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de France. 127 (1-2):81-98