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Title:Études dans le genre Inocybe - 2 
Authors:Poirier, J. 
First page:101 
Last page:107 
Keywords:Basidiomycota, Inocybe, I. pseudotarda, I. tarda, Gausapatae, I. subporospora, I. belleri, I. griseotarda, I. griseovelata, I. fibrosoides, I. flocculosa, I. gausapata 
Abstract:Inocybe pseudotarda, drawn by Pierre Moënne-Loccoz and published twenty five years ago in the Bulletin de la Société mycologique de France under the erroneous name of Inocybe tarda Kühner (Moënne-Loccoz et al., 1987), is proposed by the author as a new species 
Document type:Article 
Associated taxa:
Summary:Poirier, J. 2012. Études dans le genre Inocybe - 2. Bulletin Mycologique et Botanique Dauphiné-Savoie. 204-205:101-107