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Title:Laccaria (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota) from Tibet (Xizang Autonomous Region, China) 
Authors:Wilson, A.W; Hosaka, K; Perry, B.A; Mueller, G.M. 
First page:406 
Last page:419 
Keywords:Asia; Ectomycorrhizae; Fungal Systematics; Himalayas; ITS 
Abstract:Species of Laccaria are described from the eastern Himalayas, in the Xizang Autonomous Region of China, more commonly known as Tibet. Specimens were collected during several expeditions over a 12-year time span. Nuclear ribosomal internally transcribed spacer regions 1 and 2 including and 5.8S (ITS) as well as the 5' end of the large subunit (28S) sequence data were generated for 22 specimens from Tibet and analyzed in a dataset of 115 Laccaria samples. The results documented seven species from this region, five of which represent currently undescribed species. The taxonomy of Tibetan Laccaria is discussed, five new species are proposed, and an artificial key that includes extralimital species from Asia is provided. 
Document type:Article 
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Summary:Wilson, A.W; Hosaka, K; Perry, B.A; Mueller, G.M. 2013. Laccaria (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota) from Tibet (Xizang Autonomous Region, China). Mycoscience. 54(6):406-419